Shri Venu Gopal Ashtakam English Lyrics with meaning

Shri Venu Gopal Ashtakam with English meaning | वेणु गोपाल अष्टकम् | Venu Gopala Ashtakam in English | Sri Venu Gopala Ashtakam| Venugopalashtakam | Shri Venugopal Ashtakam | श्री वेणुगोपालाष्टकम् । Shri venugopalashtakam English lyrics with meaning| Kalit-kanakchelam Khandita-apatkuchelam

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Shri Venu Gopal Ashtakam with English meaning


Gopala Ashtakam, which is a praise of Lord Krishna, the flute-playing cowherd. The phrase means “I worship Venu Gopala”, where Venu means flute, Gopala means protector of cows, and īḍe means worship. The hymn consists of eight verses, each ending with this phrase. The hymn describes the various attributes and deeds of Krishna, such as his golden attire, his garland of forest flowers, his beauty, his mercy, his playfulness, his power, his compassion, and his love for Rukmini. The hymn also requests Krishna to accept the author’s offering and remove his ssorrow. “Venu Gopala Ashtakam” which praises Lord Krishna as the flute-playing cowherd. The phrase means “I worship Venu Gopala, who is humble in the forest, who is radiant like a blue sapphire, who is the destroyer of the sins of Kali age” . The hymn consists of eight verses and a concluding verse, each describing the beauty, power, and grace of Lord Krishna. The hymn is believed to bestow peace and happiness to the devotees who recite it with devotion.



Shri Venu Gopal Ashtakam English Lyrics with meaning



कलितकनकचेलं खण्डितापत्कुचेलं

गलधृतवनमालं गर्वितारातिकालम् ।

कलिमलहरशीलं कान्तिधूतेन्द्रनीलं

विनमदवनशीलं वेणुगोपालमीडे ॥ 1 ॥


Kalit-kanakchelam Khandita-apatkuchelam

Galadhrit-vanamalam Garvita-ratikalam

Kalimal-harshilam Kantidhootendranilam

Vinamadavana-shilam Venugopalmeede॥ 1 ॥


Adorned with shining golden locks and shining golden attire or garments , breaking the pride of the mighty God of Love Kamdev, Wearing a garland of forest flowers, surpassing the brilliance of the blue lotus, His body adorned with the fragrance of the forest and brightness with a blue hue like blue sapphire destroying and cleansing the impurities of the age of Kali, adorned with the brilliance of a thousand moons, the One who is Gentle , Humble and graceful like the intoxicated deer , who is pure and virtuous, who is fond of dancing in the forest, who is polite and courteous in His conduct in the forest , the enchanting lover playing the flute, I adore Lord Krishna, the flute-playing cowherd , I meditate upon such Lord Venugopala ॥1॥


(These verses seem to describe the beauty , divine qualities and attributes of Lord Krishna or Lord Venugopala, a form of Lord Krishna often depicted playing the flute. The verses praise various aspects of Lord Krishna’s appearance and emphasizing aspects of his golden attire, adornments, his ability to conquer Kamadeva, the god of love, his forest garland and his brilliance comparable to that of a sapphire , virtues and the purifying nature associated with him. Overall, these lines paint a poetic and vivid picture of Lord Krishna, highlighting his divine and enchanting attributes. )


Shri Venu Gopal Ashtakam


व्रजयुवतिविलोलं वन्दनानन्दलोलं

करधृतगुरुशैलं कञ्जगर्भादिपालम् ।

अभिमतफलदानं श्रीजितामर्त्यसालं

विनमदवनशीलं वेणुगोपालमीडे ॥ 2 ॥


vrajayuvativilolaṁ vandanānandalolaṁ

karadhr̥tagurushailaṁ kañjagarbhādipālam

abhimataphaladānaṁ śrījitāmartyasālaṁ

vinamadavanashīlaṁ veṇugōpālamīḍe॥ 2 ॥


Who is playful and charming among the young women (gopis or cowherd girls) of Vrindavan, Who is embodiment of bliss and delight for those who worship Him , Who is joyfully engrossed and immersed in the bliss of worship and swaying in the ecstasy of adoration and  joy , Who rejoices in the worship of the devotees (is pleased with the praise of the devotees), Who gladly accepts their worship and offerings full of devotion, Who lifted the Govardhana mountain with his hand to protect His devotees, He Who is protector , caretaker or ruler of the lotus-born Brahma (Kamala-ja or Brahma) and other deities as supreme power , Who is victorious over the god of love (Kamadeva). He is the one who conquered the goddess of wealth (Sri) and is the abode of prosperity ( Shri ) and immortal bliss beyond the reach of mortal beings. I pay attention to Lord Venugopal playing the flute in the forests of Vrindavan Who bestows the desired results and His grace and blessings on both mortal and immortal beings, The one adorned with the humility of a bent bamboo, Who is pure and virtuous, Who has an interest in dancing in the forest, Who is humble and gentle in his conduct in the forest. I salute you॥ 2 ॥


(This verse praises the divine qualities of Lord Venugopala, including his frolic with the maidens (gopis) of Vraja, highlighting his playful interactions with the gopis, his acceptance of worship and offerings, His strength in lifting Mount Govardhana and his importance to Brahma and other deities , His divine and protective nature, His role as the bestower of desired fruits to his devotees as well as his service to mortals and The immortals (eternal souls) bless both types of souls, indicating their generosity towards all. This is a typical expression of devotion found in Sanskrit verses dedicated to Lord Krishna. In summary, this verse praises Lord Krishna as the playful and blissful deity among the young women of Vraja, the one who lifted the Govardhana mountain, the ruler from Brahma onward, the giver of desired fruits, and the conqueror of the goddess of wealth. This prayer is filled with devotion and admiration for the divine qualities of Lord Krishna. ) 



Shri venugopalashtakam Lyrics with meaning



कलशजलधिकन्यामोदकश्रीकपोलम् ।


विनमदवनशीलं वेणुगोपालमीडे ॥ 3 ॥





Vinamada-vana-śīlaṁ veṇugopālamīḍe॥ 3 ॥


Adorned with the beautiful dark raincloud-like complexion and overflowing with the nectar of compassion. He who is thickly or heavily compassionate, beautiful like a wish-fulfilling tree, and adorned with curly waves of hair and a cheek radiant as the moon, Who delights the goddess of fortune ( Lakshmi ) with his round water-pot-like face ; Whose face is more abundant and delightful than the sacred pot with water and is radiant with beauty and abode of the goddess Lakshmi (goddess of wealth) ; His forehead resembling the moon with a beautiful curl of hair and a charming face more beautiful than a pot of nectar with the cheeks that are soft and round ; He is like a pot of nectar surpassing the moon, and His cheeks are like the splendor of a rising moon symbolizing beauty and sweetness ; Who is Abundant like the water in a pot (kalasha) having cheeks (kapolam) like the sweetness of modakas (a type of sweet) is full of mercy; He is like a pot of nectar surpassing the moon, and His cheeks are like the splendor of a rising moon, Who is charming the worlds with His humble posture, Mastering the difficult tasks with ease, Who effortlessly lifted the Govardhana mountain to protect the people from the wrath of Indra and whose divine deeds are unfathomable ; Bent down in a charming manner with a gaze that encompasses the worlds and carrying the weight of countless difficult tasks ; Who effortlessly lifts the weighty earth and weight of the numerous blossomed worlds bowed down with the endless burden of sin and is the support for the humble and virtuous beings in the universe; Who is engaged in playful activities in the forest, who is the source of abundant compassion and beauty, who is like a tender creeper of the Kalpa tree, who delights the goddess of fortune with his water-pot-like face, who burns the sins of the humble devotees with his infinite power, and who is humble and gentle in his conduct . I meditate upon Lord Venugopala, the divine flutist ; I worship the generous and modest Lord of the forest, the one with impeccable conduct॥ 3 ॥


(In essence, this verse appears to describe Lord Krishna as a divine and compassionate figure, with attributes symbolizing abundance, tenderness, and his role as a protector and provider. The poet is meditating upon Lord Krishna in this context. This verse seems to celebrate the divine qualities and actions of Lord Krishna, capturing the essence of his divine and compassionate nature. In summary, these verses describe the divine and compassionate nature of Lord Krishna, highlighting his beauty, the abundance of auspiciousness, and his role in bearing the burden of the sins of the world. The worshiper expresses reverence for Krishna’s modesty and virtuous conduct, portraying him as the divine and benevolent protector. In summary, the verse praises Lord Krishna as a compassionate and beautiful divine being, whose face is more delightful than nectar, who carries the weight of difficult tasks, and who is humble and gentle in the forest, playing the enchanting flute.)


Venugopalashtakam lyrics


शुभदसुगुणजालं सूरिलोकानुकूलं

दितिजततिकरालं दिव्यदारायितेलम् ।

मृदुमधुरवचःश्री दूरितश्रीरसालं

विनमदवनशीलं वेणुगोपालमीडे ॥ 4 ॥

shubhadsugunjaalam Soorilokaanukoolam

ditijatatikaraalam divyadaarayitelam

mridumadhurvachah shri dooritshrirasaalam

Vinamada-vana-śīlaṁ veṇugopālamīḍe॥ 4 ॥


I worship and adore Lord Krishna, the repository of auspicious and virtuous qualities, who bestows auspiciousness, whose melodious music enchants the entire universe , who wears divine attire , who is favorable to the gods, who is adored by the celestials , who is terrible to the demons, He is terrifying to evil forces, the one who bestows divine wealth and prosperity, His gentle and sweet words remove misfortunes, who has a soft and sweet speech, who removes and dispels misfortune of the unfortunate, who is playful in the forest of Vrindavan and he enjoys in the forests with utmost delight. I meditate upon Lord Krishna, the cowherd, who plays the flute॥ 4 ॥


(This verse expresses praise and meditation the divine qualities and attributes of Lord Venugopal (Krishna ) highlighting his auspiciousness, His divine form , virtuous nature, ability to protect the Gods against demons, sweet speech, His role in removing afflictions and his pastoral and musical aspects as the cowherd who plays the flute. It is a form of devotion and praise for Lord Krishna.)



जगदुदयलयस्थित्यात्मकात्मीयखेलम् ।


विनमदवनशीलं वेणुगोपालमीडे ॥ 5 ॥





vinamadavanaśīlaṁ vēṇugōpālamīḍē ॥ 5 ॥


I praise and worship Lord Venu Gopala, who is adorned with the fragrant tilak or mark made of musk on his forehead, who has a crown of flowers on his head, shining with its own fruit, full of charm,  who plays and is engaged in His own self revelatory divine play ( game/sport) or cosmic act of creation, sustenance ( maintaining / preserving ) and dissolution ( destroying/dissolving ) the worlds in his own self, who enjoys the fruits of his own grace, who plays with his own self in the form of the universe , who is the source of the world’s upliftment, whose heart embraces all the sages, whose form is as white as a swan, Delighting the hearts of all sages, embraces all the sages in his mind , who is the swan in the lake of the minds of all the sages, who is the lotus in the pond of the hearts of all the wise men, who is the jewel in the ocean of the minds of all the saints, residing in the center of the universe , Captivating the minds of sages, with a melodious and enchanting flute, Humble and graceful. I adore Lord Venugopala and meditate upon Him who has a playful nature in the forest , who is gentle and meek in the woods (forest) of Vrindavana ॥ 5 ॥


(The verse seems to describe the qualities or attributes of a divine or spiritual figure, possibly referring to Lord Krishna (Venu Gopala). The words used suggest qualities like the fragrance of musk (mṛgamada), beauty (śrī), being situated in the heart of the universe (jagadudayalayasthityātmaka), engaging in divine play (ātmīyakhelam), being adored by sages (sakalamunijanalīmānasa), and being charming like a playful deer in the forest (vinamadavanashīlam). In essence, the verse describes Lord Krishna as the divine and charming entity adorned with fragrances, engaged in delightful pastimes that sustain the world. He is the sweet melody that captivates the hearts of sages, and he humbly plays the flute in the enchanting forests of Vrindavan. The verse is a poetic expression of devotion and admiration for the divine qualities and activities of Lord Krishna.)


असुरहरणखेलनं नन्दकोत्क्षेपलीलं

विलसितशरकालं विश्वपूर्णान्तरालम् ।

शुचिरुचिरयशश्श्रीधिक्कृत श्रीमृणालं

विनमदवनशीलं वेणुगोपालमीडे ॥ 6 ॥


asuraharaṇakḥelanam nandakotkṣepalīlam

vilasitaśarakālam viśvapūrṇāntarālam

śucirucirayaśaśśrīdhikkṛta śrīmṛṇālam

vinamadavanaśīlaṁ vēṇugōpālamīḍē ॥ 6 ॥


I praise and adore Lord Venu Gopala, who is playful in killing the demons, Engaging in the sport of slaying devils, who plays the game of killing the evil , Playing enchanting tunes on the flute in the beautiful region of Nandakotkshetra , Wearing resplendent attire and extending across the entire universe , Brandishing the radiant arrow, pervading the entire universe, Adorned with pure and glorious fame, Whose graceful attire is adorned with beautiful arrows, Whose radiance spreads across the universe, Pure, adorned with glory, and wearing a radiant crown, Humble and virtuous, the delightful Venu Gopala , who is splendid with his arrow-like eyes, who is the all-pervading space, who is pure and radiant with his fame, who is superior to the lotus, Adorned with a shining crown, surpassing the brilliance of the moon, I meditate upon Lord Venu Gopala with utmost devotion , who is the protector of cows (Gopala) and who plays the flute (Veṇu) , who is humble in the forest , who has a playful nature in the forest॥ 6 ॥

(This verse praises the divine activities and attributes of Lord Venugopala, highlighting His role in slaying demons, His playful nature or playful activities or pastimes ( leela) in Nanda’s ( Lord Krishna’s foster father) courtyard . It suggests the playful and joyous activities of Lord Krishna in the village of Vrindavan where He grew up and the interactions with His family and friends in that setting. His use of the radiant arrow and His widespread and glorious fame. It is a devotional expression commonly found in Sanskrit verses dedicated to Lord Krishna.)


स्वपरिचरणलब्ध श्रीधराशाधिपालं

स्वमहिमलवलीलाजातविध्यण्डगोलम् ।

गुरुतरभवदुःखानीक वाःपूरकूलं

विनमदवनशीलं वेणुगोपालमीडे ॥ 7 ॥


I praise Venu Gopala, who is born of His own glory, with the playfulness of His sportive staff , who has obtained the service of his own feet, Taking refuge at the divine lotus feet of Lord Sri Krishna, the Lord and ruler of Lakshmi, Whose glory is immeasurable, and whose playful pastimes are enchanting, who is the lord of Shri and other gods, With the marks of the footprints of Lakshmi imprinted on him, Whose glory is manifested in various divine plays, With His feet worshipped by Lakshmi and holding the bow, Engaged in divine pastimes with His staff , Whose charming posture is like that of a skilled player holding a stick, Who removes the sorrows of his devotees more effectively than the guru, Pure and glorious, Engaged in delightful pastimes, the playful wielder of the divine flute , Dispeller of the sorrows of those who take refuge, more compassionate than the guru, who has manifested the universe as his own playful glory, With the mark of the Lord’s feet imprinted on his chest, The protector and ruler of the auspicious Shri, Whose glory is manifested through divine plays, His form like a sphere, Whose lotus feet have been received by Lakshmi , surpassing all knowledge , who is the boat that crosses the ocean of many sorrows of birth, He who uplifts those distressed by the sorrow of the material world, Who dispels the sorrows of his devotees swiftly , whose blow of air ends the sorrows of this world. I meditate upon Lord Venu Gopala with utmost devotion , who is gentle in the forest of joy॥ 7 ॥


(The verse emphasizes the qualities of Lord Krishna, such as His divine rule over Lakshmi, His enchanting and playful activities, and His ability to swiftly alleviate the sufferings of His devotees , expresses devotion to Lord Venugopala, emphasizing His divine qualities, His ability to alleviate the suffering of His devotees, and the enchanting nature of His divine plays. It’s a typical expression of devotion found in Sanskrit verses dedicated to Lord Krishna.)


चरणकमलशोभापालित श्रीप्रवालं

सकलसुकृतिरक्षादक्षकारुण्य हेलम् ।

रुचिविजिततमालं रुक्मिणीपुण्यमूलं

विनमदवनशीलं वेणुगोपालमीडे ॥ 8 ॥


Adorning the lotus feet, which radiate brilliance, The protector of all virtuous deeds, skilled in granting shelter, Abounding in compassion, charming like a blossoming vine, The root of virtue for Rukmini, who has a lotus feet that are adorned by Lakshmi, who protects all the virtuous people by his skillful compassion, who defeats the dark tamala trees by his beauty, who is the lord of Shridhara and other gods, who has manifested the universe as his playful sport, who is the source of the great breath that fills the multitude of sufferings of the world , who is the root of the fortune of Rukmini, who is humble and gentle in the forest , who has a playful nature in the forest , I worship and meditate upon Lord Venugopala ॥ 8 ॥


(This verse praises Lord Venugopala’s divine qualities, such as the radiance of His lotus feet, His role in protecting virtuous deeds, His compassion, and His significance in the life of Rukmini, the beloved of Lord Krishna. It’s a typical expression of devotion found in Sanskrit verses dedicated to Lord Krishna.)


श्रीवेणुगोपाल कृपालवालां

श्रीरुक्मिणीलोलसुवर्णचेलाम् ।

कृतिं मम त्वं कृपया गृहीत्वा

स्रजं यथा मां कुरु दुःखदूरम् ॥ 9 ॥


O Gracious Lord Venu Gopala, with a merciful countenance, along with compassionate Rukmini, with her charming, golden complexion and swaying form. Accept me, who is filled with faults, with your compassion, And like stringing a garland, please make my sorrows disappear , Please accept my effort and, with your grace, Weave a garland that alleviates my sorrows. I praise Sri Venu Gopala, who is full of compassion, who is fond of Sri Rukmini, who wears a golden garment, who kindly accepts my deeds, who makes me free from sorrow by giving me a garland.


इति श्री वेणुगोपालाष्टकम् ।

Thus ends Shri Venugopalashtakam




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