Sri Hari Nama Mala Stotram - श्री हरि नाममाला स्तोत्रम्

Shri Hari Nama Mala Stotra with english meaning| श्रीहरि नाममाला स्तोत्र | जन्म-मृत्यु के चक्र को मिटाने वाला श्रीहरि नाममाला स्तोत्र | Shri Hari nam mala strotra (श्री हरी नाम माला स्तोत्र) | श्री हरि नाम माला स्तोत्र ।। shri-hari-naam-mala-stotra | Sri Hari Nama Mala Stotram – श्री हरि नाममाला स्तोत्रम् | Shri Hari naam mala strotra | हरि नाम की महिमा| श्री हरि नाममाला स्तोत्रम् हिंदी अर्थ सहित | Shri Hari nama mala stotra composed by King Bali|| Stotra to vanish cycles of death and birth

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Shri Hari Nama Mala Stotra with hindi and english meaning


Shri Hari is the master of the entire living world. By chanting the name of Shri Hari, all the sins of the soul are washed away and all its desires are fulfilled and at the end of time, the soul attains Vaikuntha, the abode of Shri Hari, till death. By His will alone infinite universes are created and by His will alone infinite universes are destroyed. Shri Hari Nama Mala Stotra was composed by King Mahabali. In this Kaliyuga, God’s name is the only basis. In this Kalikaal, man’s mind is suffering from confusion and doubt, hence man has become dilapidated in body, disordered in mind, attached to objects and his soul has become handicapped. Lord’s name is the only chemical or nectar to cure a person from this illness, yet leaving this name-chemical, the foolish man keeps running after who knows what other medicines. Due to the influence of which Harinam, Draupadiji’s clothes became eternal, by reciting Harinam out of love for his son, Ajamil attained the rare status of God, by the influence of whose name all Narsiji’s tasks were accomplished without any effort, by the influence of which Harinam, Prahladji became free from the terrible troubles given by Hiranyakashipu, by chanting Harinam, Kabir and Raidas became the most respectable among the Siddhas, by chanting Harinam, Gajraj, who was drowning in water, was freed from all sorrows, Hey man! How do you seek your welfare by leaving that sacred name? Whenever there has been an increase in the atrocities of evil men and demons on the earth, then Lord Vishnu incarnates to remove the burden of the earth by destroying them and to protect the saints and sages. Shri Hari removes the sorrows, poverty and troubles of his worshipers and grants them wealth, prosperity and salvation. Therefore, those who wish to attain worldly pleasures as well as salvation, should worship Lord Vishnu.


श्री हरि नाममाला स्तोत्रम् हिंदी अर्थ सहित 


Glory of Hari nama


Each name of Lord Vishnu is considered more glorious than the entire Vedas. The name of Lord Vishnu destroys the sins of humans, gives birth to new virtues, creates aversion to pleasures, increases devotion at the feet of Govind and makes one understand the essence of Lord Vishnu. Sankirtan and recitation of stotras of Lord Vishnu have special significance. Due to this, by becoming virtuous, a person attains happiness and peace. Harinam burns the seeds of birth and death and immerses man in the bliss of Brahmin. A living being trapped in the terrible cycle of birth and death must chant the name of God; Because even fear itself remains afraid of God and His name. Yaksha, Rakshasa, ghost, Vetala, Dakini etc., all the violent ghosts, they all run away in the name of Shri Hari. Therefore, those who want to become detached from suffering in the world must worship Lord Vishnu. Everyone from dumb to Chandal can recite this Namamala.

What a devotee has said while explaining the importance of Lord Shri Hari’s Namala –

Oh God ! Just by desiring to chant your name, all sins begin to tremble. Taking up his pen, Shri Chitragupta, the author of the sins and virtues of living beings and the Prime Minister of Yamraj, fears that I have written the name of this creature in the category of sinners, but now it has taken shelter of Nam-mala; So now I must remove his name from the ranks of sinners; Otherwise, Lord Yamraj may get angry at me because this man will definitely go to Haridham. What more can be said about the greatness of Shri Harinam Mala?


Sri Hari Nama Mala Stotram - श्री हरि नाममाला स्तोत्रम्


Govindam Gokulanandam Gopalam Gopivallabham

Govardhanoddharam Dheeram tam vande Gomtipriyam.1


गोविन्दं गोकुलानन्दं गोपालं गोपिवल्लभम् ।

गोवर्धनोद्धरं धीरं तं वन्दे गोमतीप्रियम् ॥1॥


I salute Govinda, the joy of Gokula, the protector of cows, the beloved of the gopis, the lifter of Govardhana hill, the courageous one, the beloved of the river Gomati.1


Shri Hari Nama Mala Stotra hindi lyrics with meaning


Narayanam Nirakaram Narveeram Narottamam

Nrisingh Naganatham ch tam vande narkaantkam.2


नारायणं निराकारं नरवीरं नरोत्तमम् ।

नृसिंहं नागनाथं च तं वन्दे नरकान्तकम् ॥2॥


I salute Narayana, the formless one, the hero among men, the best among men, I salute Nrisimha, the lord of serpents, and him who killed the enemies of devas.2


जन्म-मृत्यु के चक्र को मिटाने वाला श्रीहरि नाममाला स्तोत्र


Peetambaram padmnaabham padmaaksham purushottamam

Pavitram parmanandam tam vande parmeshvaram.3


पीताम्बरं पद्मनाभं पद्माक्षं पुरुषोत्तमम् ।

पवित्रं परमानन्दं तं वन्दे परमेश्वरम् ॥3॥


I salute the one who wears yellow garments, who has a lotus in his navel, who has lotus-like eyes, who is the supreme person, I salute the one who is pure, who is the supreme bliss, who is the supreme lord.3


Hari Naam mala Stotra English Lyrics with meaning


Raghavam Ramchandram ch Ravanaarim Ramapatim

Rajeevlochnam Ramam Tam vande Raghunandanam.4


राघवं रामचन्द्रं च रावणारिं रमापतिम् ।

राजीवलोचनं रामं तं वन्दे रघुनन्दनम् ॥4॥


I salute Raghava, the descendant of Raghu, and Ramachandra, the moon-like Rama, I salute the enemy of Ravana, the lord of Rama, and the lotus-eyed Rama, the delight of Raghu’s dynasty.4


श्री हरि नाम माला स्तोत्र ।। shri-hari-naam-mala-stotra


Vamanam Vishvaroopam ch Vasudevam ch Vitthalam

Vishveshvaram Vibhum Vyasam tam vande vedavallabham.5


वामनं विश्वरूपं च वासुदेवं च विठ्ठलम् ।

विश्वेश्वरं विभुं व्यासं तं वन्दे वेदवल्लभम् ॥5॥


I salute Vamana, the dwarf incarnation, and Vishvarupa, the cosmic form, I salute Vasudeva, the father of Krishna, and Vitthala, the lord of Pandharpur, I salute Vishveshvara, the lord of the universe, and Vibhu, the all-pervading one, I salute Vyasa, the sage who compiled the Vedas, and the one who is dear to the Vedas.5


Hari nama mala stotra composed by King Bali


Damodaram divyasinham dayalum deen-nayakam

Daityaarim Devdevesham tam vande Devakisutam.6


दामोदरं दिव्यसिंहं दयालुं दीननायकम् ।

दैत्यारिं देवदेवेशं तं वन्दे देवकीसुतम् ॥6॥


I salute Damodara, the one who was tied by a rope around his waist, and Divyasimha, the divine lion incarnation, I salute Dayalu, the compassionate one, and Dinanayaka, the protector of the poor, I salute Daitari, the enemy of the demons, and Devadevesha, the lord of the lords, I salute Devakisuta, the son of Devaki, the mother of Krishna.6


राजा बलि द्वारा रचित श्री हरि नाम माला स्तोत्र |


Murarim Madhavam Matsyam Mukundam Mushtimardanam

Munjakesham mahabahum tam vande Madhusoodanam.7


मुरारिं माधवं मत्स्यं मुकुन्दं मुष्टिमर्दनम् ।

मुञ्जकेशं महाबाहुं तं वन्दे मधुसूदनम् ॥7॥


I salute Murari, the enemy of the demon Mura, and Madhava, the consort of Lakshmi, I salute Matsya, the fish incarnation, and Mukunda, the giver of liberation, I salute Mushtimardana, the slayer of the wrestler Mushtika, and Munjakesha, the one with matted hair, I salute Mahabahu, the one with mighty arms, and Madhusudana, the destroyer of the demon Madhu.7


Shri Hari Mala Stotra Hindi and English Lyrics


Keshavam Kamlakantam kamesham Kaustubhpriyam

Kaumodakidharam Krishnam tam vande Kaurvaantakam.8


केशवं कमलाकान्तं कामेशं कौस्तुभप्रियम् ।

कौमोदकीधरं कृष्णं तं वन्दे कौरवान्तकम् ॥8॥


I salute Kesava, the one who has beautiful hair, and Kamalakanta, the beloved of Lakshmi, I salute Kamesha, the lord of desire, and Kaustubhapriya, the one who wears the Kaustubha gem, I salute Kaumodakidhara, the wielder of the Kaumodaki mace, and Krishna, the dark-complexioned one, I salute the one who vanquished the Kauravas, the evil cousins of the Pandavas.8


Bhoodharam Bhuvnaanandam Bhootesham Bhootnayakam

Bhavanaikam bhujangesh tam vande bhavnaashnam.9


भूधरं भुवनानन्दं भूतेशं भूतनायकम् ।

भावनैकं भुजंगेशं तं वन्दे भवनाशनम् ॥9॥


I salute Bhudhara, the supporter of the earth, and Bhuvanananda, the bliss of the world, I salute Bhutesha, the lord of the beings, and Bhutanayaka, the leader of the beings, I salute Bhavanaika, the one who is the sole refuge, and Bhujangesh, the lord of the serpents, I salute the one who destroys the cycle of birth and death.9


Janardanam Jagannatham jagajjadyavinashkam

jamadagnyam param Jyotistam vande Jalashayinam.10


जनार्दनं जगन्नाथं जगज्जाड्यविनाशकम् ।

जामदग्न्यं परं ज्योतिस्तं वन्दे जलशायिनम् ॥10॥


I salute Janardana, the benefactor of people, and Jagannatha, the lord of the universe, I salute the one who destroys the dullness of the world, and Jamadagni, the son of the sage Jamadagni, I salute the supreme light, and the one who reclines on the water.10


Chaturbhujam Chidanandam mallachanoormardanam

Charachargatam Devam tam vande Chakrapaaninam.11


चतुर्भुजं चिदानन्दं मल्लचाणूरमर्दनम् ।

चराचरगतं देवं तं वन्दे चक्रपाणिनम् ॥11॥


I salute the one who has four arms, who is the embodiment of consciousness and bliss, who crushed the wrestlers Malla and Chanura, I salute the one who is the guru of all moving and non-moving beings, who is the lord of the gods, who holds the discus in his hand.11


Shriyah karam Shriyonatham Shridharam Shrivarapradam

Shrivatsaldharam Saumyam tam vande Shrisureshvaram.12


श्रियःकरं श्रियोनाथं श्रीधरं श्रीवरप्रदम् ।

श्रीवत्सलधरं सौम्यं तं वन्दे श्रीसुरेश्वरम् ॥12॥


I salute the one who is the source of wealth, who is the lord of Lakshmi, who is the holder of wealth, who grants the best boons, I salute the one who bears the mark of Lakshmi, who is gentle, who is the lord of the gods.12


Yogishvaram Yagyapatim Yashodanandadayakam

Yamunajalkallolam Tam Vande Yadunayakam.13


योगीश्वरं यज्ञपतिं यशोदानन्ददायकम् ।

यमुनाजलकल्लोलं तं वन्दे यदुनायकम् ॥13॥


I salute the lord of yogis, the lord of sacrifices, the one who gives joy to Yashoda, I salute the one who plays in the waves of Yamuna river, the leader of the Yadu clan.13


Shaligramshilashuddham Shankhchakropshobhitam

Surasuraih sada sevyam tam vande Sadhuvallabham.14


शालिग्रामशिलाशुद्धं शंखचक्रोपशोभितम् ।

सुरासुरैः सदा सेव्यं तं वन्दे साधुवल्लभम् ॥14॥


I salute the one who is pure as the Shaligram stone, who is adorned with the conch and the discus, I salute the one who is always worshipped by the gods and the demons, who is dear to the saints.14


Trivikramam tapomoortim Trividhaghaughnashanam

Tristhalam teerthrajendram tam vande Tulsipriyam.15


त्रिविक्रमं तपोमूर्तिं त्रिविधाघौघनाशनम् ।

त्रिस्थलं तीर्थराजेन्द्रं तं वन्दे तुलसीप्रियम् ॥15॥


I salute Trivikrama, the one who took three steps, and Tapomurti, the embodiment of penance, I salute the one who destroys the three types of sins, and the lord of the three worlds, I salute the one who is the best among the sacred places, and the one who is dear to Tulsi.15


Anantmaadipurusham Achyutam ch varapradam

Aanandam ch Sadanandam tam vande Chaaghanashanam.16


अनन्तमादिपुरुषं अच्युतं च वरप्रदम् ।

आनन्दं च सदानन्दं तं वन्दे चाघनाशनम् ॥16॥


I salute the one who is infinite, the original person, the one who is infallible, the one who grants the best boons, I salute the one who is bliss, who is eternal bliss, who destroys the sins.16


Leelaya Dhritbhoobhaaram Loksattvaikavanditam

Lokeshvaram ch Shrikaantam tam vande Lakshamanpriyam.17


लीलया धृतभूभारं लोकसत्त्वैकवन्दितम् ।

लोकेश्वरं च श्रीकान्तं तं वन्दे लक्षमणप्रियम् ॥17॥


I salute the one who lifted the burden of the earth by his playful acts, who is the only one revered by the beings of the world, I salute the lord of the world, who is the beloved of Lakshmi, who is the dear brother of Lakshmana.17


Harim ch Harinaaksham ch Harinatham Harapriyam

Halayudhsahaayam ch tam vande Hanumatpatim.18


हरिं च हरिणाक्षं च हरिनाथं हरप्रियम् ।

हलायुधसहायं च तं वन्दे हनुमत्पतिम् ॥18॥


I salute Hari, the remover of sins, and Harinaksha, the one who has deer-like eyes, I salute Harinatha, the lord of Hari, and Harapriya, the one who is dear to Hari, I salute the one who is helped by Halaayudha, the plough-weaponed one, who is Balarama, the brother of Krishna, I salute the lord of Hanuman, who is Rama, the hero of the Ramayana.18


Harinamakritamala pavitra papanashini

Balirajendrena chokta kanthe dhaarya prayatnatah.19


हरिनामकृतामाला पवित्रा पापनाशिनी ।

बलिराजेन्द्रेण चोक्त्ता कण्ठे धार्या प्रयत्नतः ॥19 ॥


The garland of Hari’s names, which is pure and destroys sins, was uttered by Bali, the king of demons, and should be worn on the neck with effort.19


॥ इति महाबलिप्रोक्तं श्रीहरि नाममाला स्तोत्रम् सम्पूर्णम्॥

Thus ends Shri Hari Nama mala stotram composed by King Bali


श्रीहरि नाममाला स्तोत्र पाठ का फल


राजा महाबलि के द्वारा रचित भगवान विष्णु के पवित्र नामों की माला, जो मनुष्य कण्ठ में धारण कर लेता है, अर्थात् उठते, बैठते, सोते या काम करते समय भी पाठ करता रहता है; उसके समस्त पाप नष्ट हो जाते हैं और समस्त लौकिक कामनाओं के साथ मोक्ष की प्राप्ति होती है।


Benefit of Recitation of Shri Harinama mala stotra


The rosary of the holy names of Lord Vishnu composed by King Mahabali, which a person keeps in his throat, that is, he keeps reciting it while getting up, sitting, sleeping or even while working; All his sins are destroyed and he attains salvation along with all the worldly desires.



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