Gopi Geet

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Gopi Geet

Gopi Geet


||Sri Gopya ucchu:||

Jayati te dhikam janm naa vrajah

shrayat Indira shashva datra hi |

Dayit drishyataam dikshu taavaka-

stvayi dhritaasava-stvaam vichinvatey || 1 ||


जयति तेऽधिकं जन्मना व्रजः

श्रयत इन्दिरा शश्वदत्र हि ।

दयित दृश्यतां दिक्षु तावका-

स्त्वयि धृतासव स्तवं विचिन्वते ॥ १॥


O Dearest Krishna, you incarnation in Vraj land has made it supremely auspicious and glorious. That’s why Indira the Goddess of Wealth and Fortune has started dwelling here and making it her permanent abode leaving Vaikunth. O beloved Krishn we , your devoted and dedicated servants of your lotus feet are sustaining our lives only for you. O dear ,where have you disappeared? We have been looking all around for you and wandering here and there in your search, Please have mercy on us and appear before us.1


Sharadu daashaye saadhujaat-sat

sarsijodara shrimusha drisha |

Suratnath te ashulk daasika

varad nighnato neh kim vadhah || 2 ||


शरदुदाशये साधुजातसत्

सरसिजोदरश्रीमुषा दृशा ।

सुरतनाथ तेऽशुल्कदासिका

वरद निघ्नतो नेह किं वधः ॥ २॥


O Lord of our hearts! We are your priceless servants who have surrendered to you without any price. We just want your divine love and nothing else matters to us. Shouldn’t this be considered as a killing on your part to kill and wound us with the cross glance of your supremely unprecedented effervescent eyes, which are exceptionally more enchanting than the petals of beautiful lotuses that blossom elegantly in the ponds during autumn.2



Vish Jalapyayaad vyaal-raakshasaad

varsh maarutaad-vaidyutaanlaat |

Vrish mayaatma jaad-Vishvato bhayaat

vrishabh te vayam rakshita muhuh || 3 ||


विषजलाप्ययाद् व्यालराक्षसाद्

वर्ष मारुताद् वैद्युतानलात् ।

वृषमयात्मजाद् विश्वतोभया

वृषभ ते वयं रक्षिता मुहुः ॥ ३॥


O Mighty Lord! You have time and again saved us and protected us from innumerable and different kinds of dangers like from poisoned water of Yamuna which was poisoned by serpent Kaliya, from the terrible man eater python Aghasur, from the deluging and engulfing rains and enraged thunderbolts by Indra, from the bull demon Arishtasur or Vrishbhasur, from the whirl wind demon Trinavart, from Vyomasur the son of demon Maidanav, from the deadly Forest fire.3


Na khalu Gopika-nandano bhavaan

akhil-dehinaam antaraatm drik |

Vikhan saarthito vishv-guptaye

sakh udeyivaan satvataam kule || 4 ||


न खलु गोपिकानन्दनो भवान

ऽखिलदेहिनाम अंतरात्मदृक् ।

विखनसार्थितो विश्वगुप्तये

सख उदेयिवान्सात्वतां कुले ॥ ४॥


Your identity is not just being the son of Nand and Yashoda ,rather you are indwelling and inherent in all the embodied beings and souls. You are an eternal companion of every soul. On the request of the creator of the universes, Lord Brahma , you agreed to take incarnation on this earth as a successor of yadu Clan to protect the world from the demons and devils, to reduce the burden of this earth filled with sinners.4


Virchitaa bhayam vrishni dhurya te

charan miyushaam sansriter bhayaat |

Kar-saroruham kaant kaamdam

shirasi dhehi nah shri kar-graham || 5 ||


विरचिताभयं वृष्णिधुर्य ते

चरणमीयुषां संसृतेर्भयात् ।

करसरोरुहं कान्त कामदं

शिरसि धेहि नः श्रीकरग्रहम् ॥ ५॥


O scion of Vrushni clan! Whoever takes shelter of your lotus feet is freed and liberated from all the fears and burdens of this material world and becomes fearless and protected by your grace. O bestower of all benedictions and boons! Keep you lotus like hand, which is always held affectionately by Goddess laxmi, on our heads .5


Vraj-janaartihan veer yoshitaam

nij-jan smaya-dhvans na-smita |

Bhaj sakhe bhavat-kinkarih sma no         `

jal-ruhaananam chaaru darshaya || 6 ||


व्रजजनार्तिहन्वीर योषितां

निजजनस्मयध्वंसनस्मित ।

भज सखे भवत्किंकरीः स्म नो

जलरुहाननं चारु दर्शय ॥ ६॥


O our beloved you are the destroyer of all the agonies and sufferings of residents of Vraj. O Warrior! Your modest smile is sufficient to smash the ego of your dear ones. We are completely surrendered at your lotus feet. O our beloved friend ! Please accept us as your servants and show your adorable lotus like face.6


Gopi Geet


Gopi Geet

Gopi Geet


Pranat-dehinaam paap-karshnam

trin charaa nugam shri niketanam |

Phani-phanaarpitam te padaambujam

krinu kucheshu nah krindhi hrichchayam || 7 ||


प्रणतदेहिनां पापकर्शनं

तृणचरानुगं श्रीनिकेतनम् ।

फणिफणार्पितं ते पदांबुजं

कृणु कुचेषु नः कृन्धि हृच्छयम् ॥ ७॥


All the sins of those are destroyed who surrender to your lous feet –the feet which follows the footsteps of cows in the grazing fields, which is the eternal place of Goddess Laxmi, which danced on the hood of serpant Kaaliya .We request you to place those divine feet on our hearts to get us rid of all the sorrows and soothe our burning desires.7


Madhurayaa gira valgu-vakyayaa

budh-manogya pushkarekshana |

Vidhikaririmaa veer muhyatir

adhar-sidhuna pyaa yaya svanah || 8 ||


मधुरया गिरा वल्गुवाक्यया

बुधमनोज्ञया पुष्करेक्षण ।

विधिकरीरिमा वीर मुह्यतीर

ऽधर सीधुना प्या यय स्वनः ॥ ८॥


O Lotus Eyes Beloved! We your unsettled maidservants are mystified with your melodious voice and captivating words. Even enlightened and illuminated minds get spellbound in your fascinating voice and enthralling words and renounce every precious and material thing for it. Oh our Hero! After savouring the ambrosia of your voice and phrases we your loyal Gopis haven fallen in love with you. Please save our lives with the divine nectar of your lips.8


Tav Kathaamritam tapt jeevanam

kavi bhiriditam kalm shaap-ham |

Shravan-mangalam shrimadaa tatam

bhuvi grinanti te bhoorida janaah || 9 ||


तव कथामृतं तप्तजीवनं

कविभिरीडितं कल्मषापहम् ।

श्रवणमङ्गलं श्रीमदाततं

भुवि गृणन्ति ते भूरिदा जनाः ॥ ९॥


Oh Lord! The nectar and ambrosia of your divine pastimes is adequate to enlighten the world of those who are suffering with pain of separation and sorrows in this material world. The narrations of stories of your various divine incarnations and divine plays have been transmitted in the form of religious scriptures by learned sages and your glories have been sung by devoted poets. Just by hearing and reciting your divine stories can eradicate all the sins of past births and remove all the sufferings from the lives of listener and reciter of these narrations and also bestows supreme bliss upon them. The narrators and reciters of your Divine plays (Leela Katha) are great benefactors who spread the love and message of God for the utmost good of this universe.9


Prahasitam priya prem veekshanam

viharanam cha te dhyaan Mangalam |

rahasi samvido ya hridi sprishah

kuhak no manah kshobh-yanti hi || 10 ||


प्रहसितं प्रिय प्रेमवीक्षणं

विहरणं च ते ध्यानमङ्गलम् ।

रहसि संविदो या हृदिस्पृशः

कुहक नो मनः क्षोभयन्ति हि ॥ १०॥


O Beloved Lord! Your enticing smile, your beguiling glances, your roaming around with us, our confidential talks with are all divinely blissful to be thought upon and supremely auspicious to meditate upon. All your supreme pastimes have touched our hearts. But now it seems you have ditched us and broke our hearts by getting disappeared to be found nowhere around. All these sweet and loving memories are increasing our longing for you and our minds are getting bewildered and agitated.10


Chalasi yad-vrajaa-chaar yan pashoon

nalin sundaram nath te padam |

Shil trinankuraih seedati tinah

Kali lataam manah kaant gachchati || 11 ||


चलसि यद् वृजा चार यन्पशून्

नलिनसुन्दरं नाथ ते पदम् ।

 शिल तृणांकुरैः सीदतीति नः

कलि लतां मनः कान्त गच्छति ॥ ११॥


O Our Dear Master, when you take cows for grazing to from Vraj to grazing fields barefooted. Thinking about your feet which are so tender and beautiful than Lotus our hearts go restless and agitated that they might be pricked by spiked grass or thorns and hurt by sharp stones or rough plants. Our minds gets disturbed and filled with the pain imagining that situation.11





Din Pareekshaye neel kuntalair

van-ruhaananam bibhradaa-vritam |

Ghanrajasvalam darshayan muhur

manasi nah smaram veer yachchasi || 12 ||


दिनपरिक्षये नीलकुन्तलैर्

वनरुहाननं बिभ्रदावृतम् ।

घनरजस्वलं दर्शयन्मुहुर्

मनसि नः स्मरं वीर यच्छसि ॥ १२॥


O our brave Hero! When you return from the forest at the end of the day with your beautiful lotus like face covered with dark bluish-black curly locks of hair and a layer of dust rising from the hooves of cows. O beloved! By showing us your adorable lotus face frequently at that time , our minds get engaged in you and occupied with your beautiful thoughts.12


Pranat-Kaamdam padmaja architam

dharani mandanam dhyeya-maapadi |

Charan pankajam shantmam cha te

raman nah stanesh varp-yaadhihan || 13 ||


प्रणतकामदं पद्मजा ऽर्चितं

धरणि मण्डनं ध्येयमापदि ।

चरणपङ्कजं शंतमं च ते

रमण नः स्तनेष्वर्पयाधिहन् ॥ १३॥


O our dearest one! Your Lotus feet which are worshipped by Lord Brahma and even Goddess Laxmi. Your glorius divine feet are the fulfiller of all the desires , able to eradicate all the sufferings of those who surrender to them and are perfect object to be meditated upon. O Dweller of Kunj (Kunjbihari) we request you to put those pious lotus feet of yours on our chests (Hearts) which are capable of conferring peace and solace.13


Surat-vardhanam shok naashnam

svarit venuna sushthhu chumbitam |

Etar-raag-vismaarnam nrinam

vitar veer naste-adharaa-mritam || 14 ||


सुरतवर्धनं शोकनाशनं

स्वरितवेणुना सुष्ठु चुम्बितम् ।

इतररागविस्मारणं नृणां

वितर वीर नस्ते ऽधरामृतम् ॥ १४॥


O our great Hero! The supremely divine ambrosia of your lips heightens our spiritual ecstasy and intensifies our divine union. It is proficient to dispel all the sorrows and agonies. Your nectarian lips passionately kissing your flute fills it with heavenly notes. Your enchanting music is so intoxicating and alluring that it makes us oblivious and detached from all the materialistic desires and allurements. O great Warriors let us be engrossed in savour of that ecstatic sweet nectar.14


Gopi geet


Gopi Geet


Gopi geet


Atati yad bhavaan ahni kaananam

trutir-yugaayate tvaam-pashyataam |

Kutil-kuntalam shri-mukham cha te

Jad udeekshtaam pakshma krid drishaam || 15 ||


अटति यद् भवान अह्नि काननं

त्रुटिर्युगायते त्वामपश्यताम् ।

कुटिलकुन्तलं श्रीमुखं च ते

जड उदीक्षतां पक्ष्म कृद् दृशाम ॥ १५॥


O our beloved companion! When during the day you go off the forest, every moment passes like a millennium without seeing your adorable lotus like face. But when we see your exquisitely beautiful lotus face adorned with curly locks of hair while returning from the forest at dusk , our pleasure to behold you gets perturbed with the intermittent blinking of our eyes. At that time we tend to feel that the creator of eyelids is really cruel to us and made those without any valid reason.15



ati vilanghya te-antya achyutaa gataah |

Gati vidastavod geet mohitah

kitav yoshitah kastya jennishi || 16 ||



अतिविलङ्घ्य ते ऽन्त्य ऽच्युतागताः ।

गतिविदस्तवोद गीत मोहिताः

कितव योषितः कस्त्य जेन्निशि ॥ १६॥


Hey Achyut! We have come here after renouncing and relinquishing all worldy ties and relations with our relatives, husband, brother, son and family just to have a glimpse of you. We came here getting captivated and engrossed in that bewitching divine music of your flute. And you have abandoned us in the middle of the night. O loveless and ruthless master !Who else except you could have done that?16


Rahasi samvidam hrichch yodayam,

prahasitaa nanam prem veekshanam |

Brih durah shriyo veekshya dhaam te

muhurati spriha muhyate manah || 17 ||


रहसि संविदं हृच्छयोदयं

प्रहसिता ननं प्रेम वीक्षणम् ।

बृह दुरः श्रियो वीक्ष्य धाम ते

मुहुरति स्पृहा मुह्यते मनः ॥ १७॥


O Beloved! Our minds are frequently perplexed and baffled remembering about all the secret and confidential conversations you had with us. Enormous desires are rising in our hearts. We feel yearning for you thinking about your beautiful smiling face, your vast and broad chest which is the abode of Goddess Laxmi the Goddess of fortune and your sharp, hypnotic and beguiling glances.17


Vrij vanaukasaam vyaktiranga te,

vrijin hantryalam vishv mangalam |

Tyaj manaak cha na-stvat-sprihaat manaam

svajan-hri-dru-jaam yanni shoodnam || 18 ||


व्रज वनौकसां व्यक्तिरङ्ग ते

वृजिन हन्त्र्यलं विश्वमङ्गलम् ।

त्यज मनाक् च नस्त्वत्स्पृहात्मनां

स्वजनहृद्रुजां यन्निषूदनम् ॥ १८॥


O beloved! Your auspicious manifestation and presence is competent to vanquish all the sorrows and overcome all the distress of the people of Vraj and bless the whole world with your benedictory and blissful form. Our hearts and minds are yearning and longing for the union with your celestial and immortal guise. Please bestow us with some remedy and medicine which can the pain of our hearts and cure the heart disease of your devotees.18


Yatte sujaat-charnaambu ruham staneshu

bheetah shanaih priye dadhi mahi karkshesu |

tenaatt-vee matasi tad vyathate na kinsvit

koorpardi-bhir-bhramati dhir bhav daa yushaam nah||19||


यत्ते सुजातचरणाम्बुरुहं स्तनेषु  

भीताः शनैः प्रिय दधीमहि कर्कशेषु ।

तेनाटवीमटसि तद् व्यथते न किंस्वित्

कूर्पादिभिर्भ्रमति धीर्भवदायुषां नः ॥ १९॥


O Dear Lord! Your feet are so soft and delicate than a lotus. Even we use extreme caution while putting them on our rigid bosoms (Hearts) so that your tender feet might not get hurt because of the stiffness of our hearts. With the same delicate feet you are wandering and hiding yourself in this dark  and dense forest. Don’t your feet get hurt with the stones, pebbles, thorns and sharp bushes. O dear! We are getting unconscious just by imagining the same. O Lord! Our lives are for you only. We are only living for you. We are only yours!19


Gopi geet



Gopi Geet Hindi Lyrics-गोपियों द्वारा गाया गया विरह गीत 



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