Vishnu sahasranama english lyrics

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Along with Lord Brahma and Shiva, Lord Vishnu is one of the most important gods in the Hindu Pantheon. Lord Vishnu is known as the preserver and guardian of men because he protects the order of dharma and the created universe. He appears on Earth in various incarnations to fight demons so the cosmic harmony on the planet remains balanced. Lord Shri Vishnu ji is the maintainer of this world. He nurtures all the living beings of this universe. There is always auspicious result of his worship and praise.

It’s been scientifically proved that chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam cures one of depression, stress,anxiety and improves memory power.

But if you can’t chant it, just saying Ram Ram would be sufficient. Chant it as much as you can.

When you are in your bed and chanting his name, Ram sits and listens . When you are sitting and chanting his name, he stands up and listens. When you stand up and chant, he dances with joy and listens to you. And when you are chanting it often, he just opens the door of Vaikuntha for you.



Vishnu sahasranama english lyrics



Shuklaambar-dharam vishnum 

shashi-varnam chatur-bhujam |

Prasann-vadanam dhyaayet

sarv-vighnop-shaantaye || 1 ||


Oh all pervading one ! Dressed in white you are glowing with the colour of moon. You are the all knowing and the one with four arms. I meditate on your ever-smiling face and pray to remove all obstacles on my way.


Yasya dvirad-vaktraadyah

paari-shadyah parah shatam |

Vighnam nighnanti satatam

vishvaksenam tamaa-shraye || 2 ||


The elephant faced one along with his innumerable attendants,would always remove obstacles as we depend on Vishvaksen.


Vyasam vashishth naptaaram

shaktaih pautram kalmasham |

Parashar-aatmajam vande

shuk-taatam tapo-nidhim || 3 ||


I bow before you Vyasa, The treasure house of penance, The great grand son of Vasishta, The grand son of  Shakthi, The son of Parashar and the father of Shuk.


Vyaasaya vishnuroopaya

vyasa roopaya vishnave |

Namo vai brahma nidhye

vashishthaya namo nama || 4 ||


I bow before Vyasa who is Vishnu, Vishnu who is Vyasa, and again and again bow before, He, who is born, in the family of Vashishth.


Avikaaraaya shuddhaya

nityaaya parmaatmane |

Sadaik roop roopaaya

vishnave sarv jishave || 5 ||


I bow before Vishnu, who is pure, who is not affected, who is permanent, who is the ultimate truth and He who wins over all the mortals in this world.


Yasya smaran-maatren

janm sansaar bandh-naat |

Vimuchyate namastasmai

vishnave prabh-vishnave || 6 ||


I bow before Him, The all-powerful Vishnu, The mere thought of whom releases one forever of the ties of birth and life. I bow before the all powerful Vishnu.


Om namo vishnave prabh-vishnave |


Shri Vaishampaayan uvacha –


Shrutva dharmaan sheshen

paavanani cha sarvashah |

Yudhishthirah shaant-navam

punare-vaabhya-bhaashat || 7 ||


Shri Vaishampayan said:


After hearing a lot about Dharma that carries life and of those great methods that remove the sins from one’s life and to cleanse forever ,Yudhishthir asked Bhishma again the abode of everlasting peace.


Yudhisthir uvacha —


Kimekam daivatam loke kim

vaapyekam paraayanam |

Stuvantah kam kamar-chantah

praap-nuyur maanavah shubham || 8 ||


Yudhishthira asked:


Who is the one (Supreme) Deity? What is the highest goal of life? By praising which Deity’s auspicious qualities will human beings attain prosperity in this world as well as bliss in the next? By meditating on which Deity will human beings get salvation? By reciting which Mantra will man be released from the bondage of the cycle of birth and death? Of the three Means ( Dharma) referred to above ( i.e, Recitation, Praise and Meditation), Which is the best means for attaining the grace of the Supreme Deity based on your vast experience and knowledge?


In summary Yudhishthir asks ,”Given my despair and sorrowful state of mind, I want to expend the least effort and get the most benefit out of it. I want relief from my despair. please tell me the means for this.





Yudhishthir asked 


Ko dharmah sarv-dharmaa-

naam bhavtah parmo mata |

Kim japan-muchyate jantur-

janm-sansaar-bandhanaat || 9 ||


Yudhishthir asked 

Yudhishthira now wants to know, which dharma, in Bhishma’s opinion, is the highest of them all.


Bhishma uvacha


Jagat-prabhum dev-devam-

anantam purushottamam |

Stuvan nama-sahasren

purushah sat-totthitah || 10 ||


Bhishma replied:


A person will be free from all the sorrows in this world by Reciting with undiluted devotion “ The Sahasranama i.e The Thousand Names”  of the Eternal Person, That All-Pervading Being who is the Master of the Worlds, who is Supreme over all Devas and who is the Supreme Spirit.

Worshiping Him always with devotion, Meditating upon Him, Glorifying Him, Saluting Him by prostrating before Him, and Adoring Him. Of all the Dharmas or practices, The Dharma Or Practice involving service done to the Lotus-Eyed Lord Krishna, without any desire for benefit, through Worship (Archana) and Hymnal Praise ( Stava), is the best Dharma. Worshipping and praising God does not require any effort other than the willingness to chant. This is the best way to get relief from all the Miseries, Sorrows, and Sins”.

Note: Praising is easy which involves only Speech and does not involve any Material Sacrifice or Bodily Exertion. It is open to all and does not need help from or dependence on others. Other kinds of Worship might require Money or other resources to perform the Worship or the need to impose on other people for their involvement (e.g. A priest to give instructions on the Method of Worship etc.). For the purpose of Chanting the name of God. There is also no constraint on the Ahsrama (i.e., Brahmacharya, Grihasta, etc.) to which a person belongs unlike e.g. the constraints that the Vedas place in performing the Ceremonial Rites with Sacrificial Fire. There is also no requirement regarding Time, Place, Status Of Purity etc. The key element of the Act of Chanting as a means to attain The Lord’s Grace is the Sincerity and Purity of Mind and there is no other constraint or consideration.


Tamev chaarchayan-nityam

bhaktya purushamavyayam |

Dhyaayan stuvan namasyamscha

yajamaanastamev cha || 11 ||


That worshipper will be free from all sorrows who devoutly worships and meditates on that un-decaying being, as also praises Him and makes prostrations to Him.


Anaadi-nidhanam vishnum

sarv-lok-maheshvaram |

Lokaa-dhyaksham stuvan-nityam

sarv-duhkhadigo bhavet || 12 ||


He will be free from all sorrows who always sings the praise Vishnu (The all-pervading being), who is free from the six changes beginning with origin and ending with death, and who is the Master and over-seer of all the Worlds.


Brahmanyam sarv-dharmagyam

lokaanaam keerti-vardhanam |

Lok-naatham mahad-bhootam

sarv-bhoot-bhavod-bhavam || 13 ||


He is the Protector of The Brahma and The Veda. He is The Knower of all Dharmas. He is The Enhancer of the Reputation of All Beings. He is The Supreme Brahman. Out of Him all Beings and the whole of Samsara ( World ) have come out.


Esh me sarv-dharma-nama

dharmo’dhiktamo matah |

Yad-bhaktya pundarikaaksham

stavairar-chen-narah sada || 14 ||


To adore The Lotus-Eyed one always with Hymns of Praise recited with Devotion- I consider this to be superior to all other forms of Dharma.


Paramam yo mahat-tejah

paramam yo mahat-tapah |

Paramam yo mahad-brahma

paramam yah paraayanam || 15 ||


He is The Supreme Light of Consciousness. He is The Supreme Controller of Everything. He is The Supreme All-Pervading Being. He is The Support of Everything.


Pavitraa-naam pavitram yo

mangalaanaam  cha mangalam |

Daivatam devata-naam cha

bhoota-naam yo’vyayah pita || 16 ||


He is The Sanctifier of even what is most Sacred. He is the most Auspicious among Auspicious Beings. He is The Lord of All Divinities. He is The Father of All Beings.


Yatah sarvaani bhootaani

bhavantyaadi-yugaa-game |

Yasmimscha pralayam yaanti

pun-rev yugakshaye || 17 ||


He is The One from whom All Beings come into Existence at the Beginning of a Cycle of Time, and He is also The One into whom they all dissolve at the End of the Cycle.


Tasya lok-pradhaanasya

jagan-naathasya bhoopate |

Vishnornaam-sahasram me

shrnu paap-bhayaapaham || 18 ||


Hear from me The Hymn that is constituted of a ‘Thousand Names’ of that Vishnu who is The Master of The Universe, who is The Subject of discourse of all Scriptures, and who is The Eraser of all sins and fear of Samsara (World).

Yaani naamaani gaunaani

vikhyaataani mahaatmanah |

Rshibhih parigeetaani taani

vakshyaami bhootaye || 19 ||


I am Giving for The Benefit of all those names of His which are Far-Famed, which are indicative of His attributes, and which find a place in The Exalted Hymns of The Rishis.


Rshir-naam-naam sahasrasya

ved-vyaaso mahamunih |

Chhando’nushtup tatha devo

bhagvaan devakisutah || 20 ||


The Great Vedavyasa is The Rishi of these Thousand Names of Vishnu; Anushtup Is it’s Metre. The presiding Diety is Lord Krishna, Devaki’s son.



beejam shaktirdevakinandana |

Trisama hridayam tasya

santyarthe viniyojyate || 21 ||


The Seed is He who is born in The Lunar Race; Its power is The Name, “The Son of Devaki”. The Heart is The Name “One who is sung by three important Sama Hymns”. The purpose is the Attainment of Peace.


Vishnum jishnum mahavishnum

prabhavishnum maheshvaram |

Anek-rupa daityantam

 namami puruottamam || 22 ||


I bow to Vishnu, The Victorious, The All-Pervading, The Mighty, The Lord of All, The Enemy of Daityas (Demons) of many Forms and The Best of Persons.




Shri Ved vyasa uvacha –


Om asya Shri-vishnor-divya-sahasranama-stotra-maha-mantrasya ||                                                                   

Shri Ved Vyaaso bhagavan rishih |                                                                                                                 

Anushtup chhandah |                                                                                                                                     

Shri-mahavishnuh paramatma shriman-narayano devta |

Amritaam-shood-bhavo bhanu-riti beejam |                                                                                             

Devakinandanah srishteti shaktih |

Udbhavah kshobhano deva iti paramo mantrah |

Shankh-bhrinnandaki chakreeti keelkam |

Sharngadhanva gadadhara ityastram |

Rathaang-paani-rakshobhya iti netram |

Trisaama saamgah saameti kavacham |                                                                                                             

Anandam par-brahmeti yonih |

Rituh sudarshanah kaal iti digbandhah |

Shri Vishvaroop iti dhyānam |

Shri Maha-Vishnu-preet-yartham

sahasranaam jape viniyogah ||


|| Ath Nyasah ||


Om shirasi Ved Vyasa rishiye namah |

Mukhe anushtup-chhandase namah |

Hridi Shri Krishn parmaatm devtaayai namah |

Guhye amritaam shood-bhavo bhanu-riti beejaaya namah |

Paada-yor-devakinandanah srishteti shaktaye namah |

Sarvaange shankh bhrinnandaki chakreeti keelakaya namah |

Kar-sampute mam Shri Krishnpreetyarthe jape viniyogaaya namah |


Iti Rishayaadi nyasah ||


|| Ath Karanyasah ||

Om Vishvam
Vishnur vashatkaar it-yangushtaabyaam namah |

Amritaam-shood-bhavo bhanu-riti tarjanibhyaam namah |

Brahmanyo brahm krid brahmeti madhyamaabhyaam namah |

Suvarn bindu rakshobhya ityanaamikaabhyaam namah |

Nimisho’nimishah shragveeti kanishthi kaabhyaam namah |

Rathaang paani rakshobhya iti kar tal kar prishhaabhyaam namah |


Iti karanyaasah ||


|| Ath Shadanga nyasah ||

Om Vishvam
Vishnur vashatkaar iti hridyaaya namah |


Amritaam shood bhavo bhanuriti shirase namah |

Brahmanyo brahm krid brahmeti shikhaayai namah |

Suvarn bindurakshobhya iti kavachaaya namah |

Nimisho’nimishah sragveeti netra trayaaya namah |

Rathaang paani rakshobhya ityastraaya namah |


Iti Shadaang Nyaasah ||


Shri Krishn preetyarthe Vishnor divya sahasranaam jap maham Karishye iti sankalpah |

|| Ath Dhyānam ||


Ksheero dhanvat pradeshe shuci mani

Vilsat saikater maukti kaanaam|

Maalaak lriptaa sanasthah sphatik

Manini bhair maukti kair manditaangah |

Shubhrair bhrairad bhrairu pari

Virchitair mukt peeyush varshah|

Aanandi nah puneeyaadari nalin 

Gadaa shankh paanir mukundah || 1 ||


Contemplation on Personal form of the Vishnu: In the milky ocean, which has a bed of sparkling pure emeralds, the God who can give salvation to his devotees is seated on a throne decorated with strings of pearls, covered by an umbrella of clouds which shower nectarine dews as though they are flower petals, His ornamented body glittering with pearls and precious gems and holding the conch in his hand. I pray to this God, to make me pure.


Bhooh paadau yasya naabhir viyad

sur nilash Chandra sooryau cha netre|

Karna vaashah shiro-Dyaur mukh mapi

dahano yasya vaasteya mabdhih |

Antahstham yasya vishvam sur nar

khag gobhogi Gandharva daityaih |

Chitram ram ramyate tam Tribhuvan

vapusham Vishnu meesham namaami || 2||


Contemplation of the Cosmic form of the Lord: I bow to Lord Vishnu who has the three worlds as His body. The earth is His feet, and the sky His navel. Wind is His breath, and the sun and the moon are His eyes. Directions are His ears, and the Heaven is His Head. Fire is His face and the ocean His abdomen. In Him is situated the Universe with the diverse kinds of gods, men, birds, cattle, serpants, Gandharvas and Daityas (Asuras) – all sporting in a charming way.


Om Shaantaa kaaram

shayanam Padma naabham suresham|

Vishvaa dhaaram gagan sadrisham

Megh varnam shubhaangam |

Lakshmi kaantam kamal nayanam

Yogi bhir dhyaan gamyam|

Vande Vishnum bhav bhayaharam

Sarv lokaik naatham || 3 ||


Salutations to Lord Vishnu, the one with peaceful disposition, one who is reclining over the soft coil-bed of the Serpent God, the one with a lotus growing in his navel, the leader of the gods, the support of the universe, all-pervasive like the ether, cloud-colored one, ausipicious-bodied one, the Spouse of Laxmi, lotus eyed one, visible to the yogis in their meditations, remover of the fear of the rounds of rebirth, the unique Lord of all the worlds, salutations !


Megh Shyaamam peet kausheya vaasam
Shri Vatsaankam kaustubhod bhaasitaangam |
yopetam pundari kaaya taaksham
vande sarv lokaik naatham || 4 ||


(Salutations to Sri Vishnu) Who is Beautiful like the Dark Clouds, and who is wearing Yellow Garments of Silk; who has the mark of Srivats on His chest; and whose body is shining with the Radiance of the Kaushtubh Mani, whose Form is permeated with Holiness, and whose Beautiful Eyes are extended like the Lotus Petals; We salute Sri Vishnu who is the one Lord of all the Lokas.


Namah samast bhoota naamaadi

Bhootaaya bhoo bhrite |

Anek roop roopaaya

Vishnave prabh Vishnave || 5 ||


Salutations to the mighty Shri Vishnu, the king of the earth, who existed before all beings, who is the first being and who manifests himself in many forms.


Sa-shankh chakram sa-kireet kundalam
tvastram sar seeru hekshanam |
r vaksha sthal kaustubh shriyam
mi Vishnum shirsaa chaturbhurjam || 6 ||


I bow my head to Vishnu, carrying a conch and a wheel, wearing a crown and ear-rings, wrapped in a yellow garment, with eyes like lotus, with a garland and the Kaustubh gem lying on his chest and possessing four hands.  The next meaning must be from some other shloka. It is unrelated! I seek refuge in dark-haired, long-eyed, jewel-bedecked, four-armed, moon-faced Krishna, adorned by the Srivats mark on his chest, accompanied by Rukmini and SatyabhAma, seated on the golden throne under the shade of the celestial Parijata Tree.


Chaayayaam paarijatasya

hem sinhaasano pari|

Aasinamambud Shyam

maayataaksh malankritam |

Chandraananam chaturbaahum

shrivatsankit vakshasam|

Rukmini satyabhaamaabhyaam

sahitam krishnamaashraye || 7 ||


I salute and surrender to Lord Krishna whose complexion is blue like the sky, with wide eyes and four arms, who is well adorned, whose face glows like the moon, whose chest bears the Shrivats mark, who is seated on a golden throne in the shade of the Parijata tree with his wives Rukmini and Satyabhama.


|| stotram ||

|| hari om ||


Vishvam Vishur Vashatkaaro Bhoot-bhavya-bhavat-prabhuh |

Bhoot-krid Bhoot-bhrid Bhaavo Bhoot-aatma Bhoot-bhaavanah || 1 ||


1  Vishwam:                    Who is the universe himself

2  Vishnuh:                     He who pervades everywhere

3  Vashatkaarah:         He who is invoked for oblations

4  Bhoot-bhavya-bhavat-prabhuh:  The Lord of past, present and future

5  Bhoot-krit:                 The creator of all creatures

6  Bhoot-bhrit:              He who nourishes all creatures

7  Bhaavah:                      He who becomes all moving and non-moving things

8  Bhoot-aatmaa:         The aatman of all beings

9  Bhoot-bhaavanah:  The cause of the growth and birth of all creatures


Poot-aatma Parmaatma cha Muktaanaam-paramaa-gatih |

Avyayah Purushah Saakshi Kshetragyo‘kshar ev cha || 2 ||


10  Poot-aatmaa:      He with an extremely pure essence

11   Paramaatmaa:   The Supersoul

12   Muktaanaam-paramaa-gatih:  The final goal, reached by liberated souls

13   Avyayah:              Without destruction

14   Purushah:           He who is manifestation of A soul with strong masculinity

15   Saakshi:                The witness

16   Kshetragyah:     The knower of the field

17   Aksharah:            Indestructible


Yogo Yog-vidaam-neta Pradhaan-Purusheshvarah |

Naar-singh-vapuh Shrimaan Keshavah Purushottamah || 3 ||


18   Yogah:                        He who is realized through yoga

19   Yog-vidaam neta:  The guide of those who know yoga

20   Pradhaan-Purusheshvarah:Lord of pradhaana and purusha

21   Naar-singh-vapuh:He whose form is man-lion

22   Shrimaan:                 He who is always with shree

23   Keshavah:                 He who has beautiful locks of hair, slayer of Keshi and one who is himself the three

24   Purushottamah:    The Supreme Controller


Sarvah Sharvah Shivah Sthaanur-Bhootaadir Nidhir-avyayah |

Sambhavo Bhaavno Bhartaa Prabhavah Prabhur Ishvarah || 4 ||


25    Sarvah:           He who is everything

26    Sharvah:        The auspicious

27    Shivah:            He who is eternally pure

28    Sthaanuh:     The pillar, the immovable truth

29    Bhootaadih: The cause of the five great elements

30    Nidhir-avyayah: The imperishable treasure

31     Sambhavah: He who descends of His own free will

32    Bhaavanah:   He who gives everything to his devotees

33    Bhartaa:          He who governs the entire living world

34    Prabhavah:   The womb of the five great elements

35    Prabhuh:        The Almighty Lord

36    Ishvarah:        He who can do anything without any help


Svayambhooh Shambhur Adityah Pushkaraaksho Mahaasvanah |

Anaadi-nidhano Dhaata Vidhaata dhāturuttama || 5 ||


37    Svayambhooh          He who manifests from Himself

38    Shambhuh                 He who brings auspiciousness

39    Aadityah                     The son of Aditi (Vaamana)

40    Pushkaraakshah     He who has eyes like the lotus

41    Mahaasvanah            He who has a thundering voice

42    Anaadi-nidhanah    He without origin or end

43    Dhaata                          He who supports all fields of experience

44    Vidhaata                      The dispenser of fruits of action

45    Dhaaturuttamah     The subtlest atom


Aprameyo Hrishikeshah Padmanaabho’Marprabhuh |

Vishvakarma Manus-Tvashta Sthavishhah Sthaviro-dhruva || 6 ||


46    Aprameyah             He who cannot be perceived

47    Hrishikeshah         The Lord of the senses

48    Padmanaabhah    He from whose navel comes the lotus

49    Amaraprabhuh     The Lord of the devas

50    Vishvakarmaa       The creator of the universe

51    Manuh                        He who has manifested as the Vedic mantras

52    Tvashtaa                    He who makes huge things small

53    Sthavishtah              The supremely gross

54    Sthaviro dhruvah  The ancient, motionless one


Agraahyah Shaashvatah Krishno Lohitaakshah Pratardanah |

Prabhutas Trik-kub-dhaama Pavitram Mangalam-param || 7 ||


55    Agraahyah                  He who is not perceived sensually

56    Shaashvatah              He who always remains the same

57    Krishnah                      He whose complexion is dark

58    Lohitaakshah             Red-eyed

59    Pratardanah               The Supreme destruction

60    Prabhutas                    Ever-full

61     Trik-kub-dhaama    The support of the three quarters

62     Pavitram                      He who gives purity to the heart

63     Mangalam-param   The Supreme auspiciousness


Ishaanah Praandah Praano Jyeshthah Shreshthah Prajapatih |

Hiranyagarbho Bhoogarbho Madhavo Madhusoodanah || 8 ||


64    Ishaanah                The controller of the five great elements

65    Praanadah             He who gives life

66    Praanah                  He who ever lives

67    Jyeshthah               Older than all

68    Shreshthah            The most glorious

69    Prajaapatih            The Lord of all creatures

70    Hiranyagarbhah  He who dwells in the womb of the world

71     Bhoogarbhah        He who is the womb of the world

72    Madhavah               Husband of Lakshmi

73    Madhusoodanah  Destroyer of the Madhu demon


Ishvaro Vikrami Dhanvi Medhaavi Vikramah Kramah |

Anuttamo Duraadharshah Kritagya Kritir Aatmavaan || 9 ||


74    Ishvarah                The controller

75    Vikrami                  He who is full of prowess

76    Dhanvi                    He who always has a divine bow

77    Medhaavi               Supremely intelligent

78    Vikramah              Valorous

79    Kramah                  All-pervading

80    Anuttamah            Incomparably great

81    Duraadharshah   He who cannot be attacked successfully

82    Kritagyah               He who knows all that is

83    Kritih                       He who rewards all our actions

84    Aatmavaan           The self in all beings


Sureshah Sharanam Sharma Vishvaretah Praja-bhavah |

Ahah Samvatsaro Vyaalah Pratyayah Sarvadarshanah || 10 ||


85    Sureshah               The Lord of the demigods

86    Sharanam             The refuge

87    Sharma                   He who is Himself infinite bliss

88    Vishva-retah        The seed of the universe

89    Praja-bhavah        He from whom all praja comes

90    Ahah                         He who is the nature of time

91     Samvatsarah         He from whom the concept of time comes

92    Vyaalah                    The serpent (vyaalah) to atheists

93    Pratyayah                He whose nature is knowledge

94    Sarvadarshanah   All-seeing


Ajah Sarveshvarah Siddhah Siddhih Sarvaadir-Achyutah |

Vrishaakapir-Ameyaatma Sarv-yog-vinihsritah || 11 ||


95     Ajah                                    Unborn

96     Sarveshvarah                 Controller of all

97     Siddhah                             The most famous

98     Siddhih                              He who gives moksha

99     Sarvaadih                         The beginning of all

100   Achyutah                           Infallible

101    Vrishaakapih                   He who lifts the world to dharma

102    Ameyaatmaa                    He who manifests in infinite varieties

103    Sarv-yog-vinihsritah    He who is free from all attachments


Vasur-Vasumanah Satyah Samaatma Sammitah Samah |

Amoghah Pundarikaaksho Vrishkarma Vrishakritih || 12 ||


104   Vasuh                         The support of all elements

105    Vasumanaah          He whose mind is supremely pure

106    Satyah                        The truth

107    Samaatmaa              He who is the same in all

108    Sammitah                 He who has been accepted by authorities

109    Samah                         Equal

110    Amoghah                    Ever useful

111     Pundarikaakshah    He who dwells in the heart

112     Vrishkarmaa             He whose every act is righteous

113     Vrishakritih               The form of dharma


Rudro Bahu-shira Babhrur-Vishvayonih Shuchi-shravah |

Amritah Shaashvat-Sthanur Vararoho Mahaa-tapah || 13 ||


114   Rudrah                               He who is mightiest of the mighty or He who is “fierce”

115   Bahu-shiraa                     He who has many heads

116   Babhrur                              He who rules over all the worlds

117   Vishvayonih                      The womb of the universe

118   Shuchi-shravah               He who listens only the good and pure

119   Amritah                               Immortal

120  Shaashvatah-sthaanur Permanent and immovable

121   Vararoho                            The most glorious destination

122   Mahaa-tapaah                    He of great tapas


Sarvagah Sarvavid-bhanur Vishvakseno Janaardanah |

Vedo Ved-vid Avyango Vedaango Ved-vit Kavih || 14 ||


123        Sarvagah                All-pervading

124        Sarvvid-bhanuh All-knowing and effulgent

125        Vishvaksenah      He against whom no army can stand

126        Janaardanah       He who gives joy to good people

127        Vedah                      He who is the Vedas

128        Ved-vid                   The knower of the Vedas

129        Avyangah               Without imperfections

130        Vedaangah            He whose limbs are the Vedas

131         Ved-vit                    He who contemplates upon the Vedas

132         Kavih                      The seer


Lokadhyakshah Suradhyaksho Dharmadhyakshah Kriakritah |

Chaturaatma Chaturvyoohas-Chaturdamashtrah-Chaturbhujah || 15 ||


133   Lokaadhyakshah        He who presides over all lokas

134   Suradhyaksho              He who presides over all devas

135   Dharmaadhyakshah  He who presides over dharma

136   Krita-kritah                   All that is created and not created

137   Chaturaatmaa               The four-fold self

138   Chaturvyoohah            Vasudeva, Sankarshan etc.

139   Chaturdamasthrah    He who has four canines (Narsimha)

140   Chaturbhujah               Four-handed


Bhrajishnur Bhojanam Bhokta Sahishnur Jagadadijah |

Anagho Vijayo Jeta Vishvayonih Punarvasuh || 16 ||


141   Bhrajishnuh   Self-effulgent consciousness

142   Bhojanam       He who is the sense-objects

143   Bhokta              The enjoyer

144   Sahishnuh       He who can suffer patiently

145   Jagadaadijah  Born at the beginning of the world

146   Anaghah           Sinless

147   Vijayah              Victorious

148   Jeta                     Ever-successful

149   Vishvayonih    He who incarnates because of the world

150   Punarvasuh    He who lives repeatedly in different bodies


Upendro Vamanah Praamshur-Amoghah Shuchir-Urjitah |

Ateendrah Samgrahah Sargo Dhritaatma Niyamo Yamah || 17 ||


151   Upendra          The younger brother of Indra (Vamana)

152   Vaamanah      He with a dwarf body

153   Praamshuh    He with a huge body

154   Amoghah        He whose acts are for a great purpose

155   Shuchih           He who is spotlessly clean

156   Urjitah             He who has infinite vitality

157   Ateendrah      He who surpasses Indra

158   Samgrahah    He who holds everything together

159   Sargah              He who creates the world from Himself

160   Dhritaatmaa Established in Himself

161    Niyamah         The appointing authority

162   Yamah              The administrator


Vedyo Vaidyah Sadayogi Veerhaa Madhavo Madhuh |

Ateendrayo Mahamaayo Mahotsaaho Mahabalah || 18 ||


163   Vedyah           That which is to be known

164   Vaidyah          The Supreme doctor

165   Sada-yogi       Always in yoga

166   Veerhaa          He who destroys the mighty heroes

167   Madhavah      The Lord of all knowledge

168   Madhuh           Sweet

169   Ateendrayah  Beyond the sense organs

170   Mahamaayah The Supreme Master of all Maya

171    Mahotsaahah The great enthusiast

172   Mahaabalah   He who has supreme strength


Mahabuddhir Maha-veeryo Maha-Shaktir Maha-dyutih |

Anirdeshya-vapuh Shriman Ameyaatma Mahadridhrik || 19 ||


173   Mahabuddhir           He who has supreme intelligence

174   Maha-veeryah          The supreme essence

175   Maha-shaktih           All-powerful

176   Maha-dyutih             Greatly luminous

177   Anirdeshya-vapuh  He whose form is indescribable

178   Shrimaan                   He who is always courted by glories

179   Ameyaatmaa            He whose essence is immeasurable

180  Mahaadri-dhrik      He who supports the great mountain


Maheshvaaso Mahibharta Shrinivasah Sataam-gatih |

Aniruddhah Suranando Govindo Govidaam-patih || 20 ||


181   Maheshvaasah    He who wields shaarnga

182   Mahibharta          The husband of mother earth

183   Shrinivasah          The permanent abode of Shree

184   Sataam gatih        The goal for all virtuous people

185   Aniruddhah          He who cannot be obstructed

186   Suraanandah       He who gives out happiness

187   Govindah                The protector of the ‘Go’ – means Veda not Cow.

188   Govidaam-patih  The Lord of all men of wisdom


Mareechir Damano Hamsah Suparno Bhujgottamah |

Hiranyanabhah Sutapah Padmanaabhah Prajapatih || 21 ||


189   Mareechih             Effulgence

190   Damanah                He who controls rakshasas

191    Hamsah                  The swan

192   Suparnah                Beautiful-winged (Two birds analogy)

193   Bbhujgottamah    The serpent Ananta

194   Hiranyanaabhah He who has a golden navel

195   Sutapah                    He who has glorious tapas

196   Padmanaabhah    He whose navel is like a lotus

197   Prajapatih                He from whom all creatures emerge


Amrityuh Sarvadrik Simhah Sandhaata Sandhimaan Sthirah |

Ajo Durmarshanah Shaashta Vishrutaatma Surariha || 22 ||


198   Amrityuh                He who knows no death

199   Sarva-drik              The seer of everything

200   Simhah                   He who destroys

201   Sandhaata             The regulator

202   Sandhimaan        He who seems to be conditioned

203   Sthirah                   Steady

204   Ajah                         He who takes the form of Aja, Brahma

205   Durmarshanah  He who cannot be vanquished

206   Shaasta                  He who rules over the universe

207   Vishrutaatma      He who is celebrated, most famous and heard about by one and all.

208   Surariha                Destroyer of the enemies of the devas


Gurur Gurutamo Dhaam Satyah Satya-Parakramah |

Nimisho’Nimishah Shragvi Vachaspatir-udaar-dhih || 23 ||


209  Guruh                                     The teacher

210  Gurutamah                           The greatest teacher

211   Dhaam                                     The goal

212   Satyah                                      He who is Himself the truth

213   Satya-parakramah             Dynamic Truth

214   Nimishah                                He who has closed eyes in contemplation

215   Animishah                              He who remains unwinking; ever knowing

216   Shragvi                                     He who always wears a garland of undecaying flowers

217   Vachaspatir-udaar-dhih   He who is eloquent in championing the Supreme law of life; He with a large-hearted                                                                            intelligence


 Agranir Graamneeh Shriman Nyaayo Neta Sameeranah |

Sahasra-moordha Vishvaatma Sahasraakshah Sahasrapaat || 24 ||


218  Agraneeh                     He who guides us to the peak

219  Graamneeh                 He who leads the flock

220  Shriman                       The possessor of light, effulgence, glory

221   Nyaayah                       Justice

222  Neta                                The leader

223  Sameeranah               He who sufficiently administers all movements of all living creatures

224  Sahasra-moordha   He who has endless heads

225  Vishvaatmaa              The soul of the universe

226  Sahasraakshah         Thousands of eyes

227  Sahasrapaat                Thousand-footed


Aavartano Nivrittaatma Samvritah Sam-pramardanah |

Ahah-Samvartako Vahnir Anilo Dharanidharah || 25 ||


228   Aavartanah                  The unseen dynamism

229   Nivritaatma                  The soul retreated from matter

230   Samvritah                     He who is veiled from the jiva

231    Sam-pramardanah   He who persecutes evil men

232   Ahah-samvartakah   He who thrills the day and makes it function vigorously

233   Vahnih                            Fire

234   Anilah                             Air

235   Dharanidharah           He who supports the earth


suprasāda prasannātmā viśvadhgviśvabhugvibhu |

satkartā satkta sādhurjahnurnārāyao nara || 26 ||


236  suprasaadah    Fully satisfied

237  prasanaatmaa  Ever pure and all-blissful self

238  vishva-dhrik      Supporter of the world

239  vishvabhuk       He who enjoys all experiences

240  vibhuh              He who manifests in endless forms

241  satkartaa          He who adores good and wise people

242  satkritah           He who is adored by all good people

243  saadhur            He who lives by the righteous codes

244  jahnuh              Leader of men

245  naaraayanah    He who resides on the waters

246  narah               The guide


asakhyeyo’prameyātmā viśiṣṭa śiṣṭakcchuci |

siddhārtha siddhasakalpa siddhida siddhisādhana || 27 ||


247  asankhyeyah        He who has numberless names and forms

248  aprameyaatmaa   A soul not known through the pramanas

249  vishishtah             He who transcends all in His glory

250  shishta-krit           The law-maker

251  shuchih                 He who is pure

252  siddhaarthah        He who has all arthas

253  siddhasankalpah  He who gets all He wishes for

254  siddhidah             The giver of benedictions

255  siddhisaadhanah The power behind our sadhana


vṛṣāhi vṛṣabho viṣṇurvṛṣaparvā vṛṣodara |

vardhano vardhamānaśca vivikta śrutisāgara || 28 ||


256  vrishaahee        Controller of all actions

257  vrishabhah        He who showers all dharmas

258  vishnuh               Long-striding

259  vrishaparvaa     The ladder leading to dharma (As well as dharma itself)

260  vrishodarah       He from whose belly life showers forth

261  vardhanah          The nurturer and nourisher

262  vardhamaanah  He who can grow into any dimension

263  viviktah                 Separate

264  shruti-saagarah The ocean for all scripture


subhujo durdharo vāgmī mahendro vasudo vasu |

naikarūpo bhadrūpa śipiviṣṭa prakāśana || 29 ||


265  subhujah           He who has graceful arms

266  durdharah        He who cannot be known by great yogis

267  vaagmee             He who is eloquent in speech

268  mahendrah      The lord of Indra

269  vasudah             He who gives all wealth

270  vasuh                  He who is Wealth

271  naika-roopo      He who has unlimited forms

272  brihad-roopah Vast, of infinite dimensions

273  shipivishtah      The presiding deity of the sun

274  prakaashanah  He who illuminates


ojastejodyutidhara prakāśātmā pratāpana |

ddha spaṣṭākaro mantraścandrāśurbhāskaradyuti || 30 ||


275  ojas-tejo-dyutidharah   The possessor of vitality, effulgence and beauty

276  prakaashaatmaa             The effulgent self

277  prataapanah                     Thermal energy; one who heats

278  riddhah                              Full of prosperity

279  spashtaaksharah            One who is indicated by OM

280  mantrah                            The nature of the Vedic mantras

281  chandraamshuh             The rays of the moon

282  bhaaskara-dyutih          The effulgence of the sun


amtāśūdbhavo bhānu śaśabindu sureśvara |

auadha jagata setu satyadharmaparākrama || 31 ||


283 amritaamshoodbhavah  The Paramatman from whom Amrutamshu or the Moon originated at                                                            the time of the churning of the Milk-ocean.

284  bhaanuh                              Self-effulgent

285  shashabindhuh                 The moon who has a rabbit-like spot

286  sureshvarah                       A person of extreme charity

287  aushadham                         Medicine

288  jagatas-setuh                     A bridge across the material energy

289  satya-dharma-paraakramah    One who champions heroically for truth and righteousness


bhūtabhavyabhavannātha pavana pāvano’nala |

kāmahā kāmaktkānta kāma kāmaprada prabhu || 32 ||


290  bhoota-bhavya-bhavan-naathah    The Lord of past, present and future

291  pavanah               The air that fills the universe

292  paavanah            He who gives life-sustaining power to air

293  analah                  Fire

294  kaamahaa           He who destroys all desires

295  kaamakrit           He who fulfills all desires

296  kaantah               He who is of enchanting form

297  kaamah               The beloved

298  kaamapradah   He who supplies desired objects

299  prabhuh              The Lord


yugādikdyugāvarto naikamāyo mahāśana |

adśyo vyaktarūpaśca sahasrajidanantajit || 33 ||


300  yugaadi-krit     The creator of the yugas

301  yugaavartah      The law behind time

302  naikamaayah   He whose forms are endless and varied

303  mahaashanah  He who eats up everything

304  adrishyah          Imperceptible

305  vyaktaroopah   He who is perceptible to the yogi

306  sahasrajit          He who vanquishes thousands

307  anantajit            Ever-victorious


iṣṭo’viśiṣṭa śiṣṭeṣṭa śikhaṇḍī nahuo vṛṣa |

krodhahā krodhaktkartā viśvabāhurmahīdhara || 34 ||


308  ishtah                          He who is invoked through Vedic rituals

309  visishtah                    The noblest and most sacred

310  sishteshtah                The greatest beloved

311  shikhandee                 He who wears a peacock feather

312  nahushah                    He who binds all with maya

313  vrishah                         He who is dharma

314  krodhahaa                  He who destroys anger

315  krodhakrit-kartaa    He who generates anger against the lower tendency

316  visvabaahuh               He whose hand is in everything

317  maheedharah             The support of the earth


acyuta prathita prāa prāado vāsavānuja |

apānidhiradhiṣṭhānamapramatta pratiṣṭhita || 35 ||


318  achyutah              He who undergoes no changes

319  prathitah             He who exists pervading all

320  praanah               The prana in all living creatures

321  praanadah           He who gives prana

322  vaasavaanujah   The brother of Indra

323  apaam-nidhih     Treasure of waters (the ocean)

324  adhishthaanam  The substratum of the entire universe

325  apramattah          He who never makes a wrong judgement

326  pratishthitah       He who has no cause


skanda skandadharo dhuryo varado vāyuvāhana |

vasudevo bhadbhānurādideva purandara || 36 ||


327  skandah                  He whose glory is expressed through Subrahmanya

328  skanda-dharah    Upholder of withering righteousness

329  dhuryah                 Who carries out creation etc. without hitch

330  varadah                  He who fulfills boons

331  vaayuvaahanah    Controller of winds

332 vaasudevah            Dwelling in all creatures although not affected by that condition

333  brihat-bhaanuh  He who illumines the world with the rays of the sun and moon

334  aadidevah             The primary source of everything

335  purandarah         Destroyer of cities


aśokastāraastāra śūra śaurirjaneśvara |

anukūla śatāvarta padmī padmanibhekaa || 37 ||


336  ashokah              He who has no sorrow

337  taaranah             He who enables others to cross

338  taarah                  He who saves

339  shoorah               The valiant

340  shaurih                He who incarnated in the dynasty of Shoora

341  janeshvarah        The Lord of the people

342  anukoolah           Well-wisher of everyone

343  shataavarttah     He who takes infinite forms

344  padmee                 He who holds a lotus

345  padmanibhekshanah    Lotus-eyed


padmanābho’ravindāka padmagarbha śarīrabht |

maharddhirddho vddhātmā mahāko garuadhvaja || 38 ||


346  padmanaabhah    He who has a lotus-navel

347  aravindaakshah   He who has eyes as beautiful as the lotus

348  padmagarbhah    He who is being meditated upon in the lotus of the heart

349  shareerabhrit      He who sustains all bodies

350  maharddhi            One who has great prosperity

351  riddhah                   He who has expanded Himself as the universe

352  Vriddhaatmaa      The ancient self

353  mahaakshah         The great-eyed

354  garudadhvajah     One who has Garuda on His flag


atula śarabho bhīma samayajño havirhari |

sarvalakaalakayo lakmīvān samitiñjaya || 39 ||


355  atulah              Incomparable

356  sharabhah     One who dwells and shines forth through the bodies

357  bheemah        The terrible

358  samayajnah  One whose worship is nothing more than keeping an equal vision of the mind by                                        the devotee

359  havirharih                                    The receiver of all oblation

360  sarva-lakshana-lakshanyah   Known through all proofs

361  lakshmeevaan                              The consort of Laksmi

362  samitinjayah                                Ever-victorious


vikaro rohito mārgo heturdāmodara saha |

mahīdharo mahābhāgo vegavānamitāśana || 40 ||


363  viksharah        Imperishable

364  rohitah             The fish incarnation

365  maargah           The path

366  hetuh                  The cause

367  daamodarah     Who has a rope around his stomach

368  sahah                  All-enduring

369  maheedharah   The bearer of the earth

370  mahaabhaagah He who gets the greatest share in every Yajna

371  vegavaan              He who is swift

372  amitaashanah   Of endless appetite


udbhava kobhao deva śrīgarbha parameśvara |

karaa kāraa kartā vikartā gahano guha || 41 ||


373  udbhavah        The originator

374  kshobhanah    The agitator

375  devah                  He who revels

376  shreegarbhah  He in whom are all glories

377 parameshvarah Parama + Ishvara = Supreme Lord, Parama (MahaLakshmi i.e. above all the                                                                                        shaktis) + Ishvara (Lord) = Lord of MahaLakshmi

378  karanam    The instrument

379  kaaranam  The cause

380  kartaa        The doer

381  vikartaa     Creator of the endless varieties that make up the universe

382  gahanah    The unknowable

383  guhah         He who dwells in the cave of the heart


vyavasāyo vyavasthāna sasthāna sthānado dhruva |

pararddhi paramaspaṣṭastuṣṭa puṣṭa śubhekaa || 42 ||


384  vyavasaayah         Resolute

385  vyavasthaanah    The substratum

386  samsthaanah       The ultimate authority

387  sthaanadah           He who confers the right abode

388  dhruvah                 The changeless in the midst of changes

389  pararddhih            He who has supreme manifestations

390  paramaspashtah  The extremely vivid

391  tushtah                     One who is contented with a very simple offering

392  pushtah                    One who is ever-full

393  shubhekshanah    All-auspicious gaze


rāmo virāmo virajo mārgo neyo nayo’naya |

vīra śaktimatā śreṣṭho dharmo dharmaviduttama || 43 ||


394  raamah      One who is most handsome

395  viraamah   The abode of perfect-rest

396  virajo           Passionless

397  maargah     The path

398  neyah          The guide

399  nayah          One who leads

400  anayah       One who has no leader

401  veerah         The valiant

402  shaktimataam-shresthah   The best among the powerful

403  dharmah                                   The law of being

404  dharmaviduttamah              The highest among men of realisation


vaikunha purua prāa prāada praava pthu |

hirayagarbha śatrughno vyāpto vāyuradhokaja || 44 ||


405  vaikunthah           Lord of supreme abode, Vaikuntha

406  purushah              One who dwells in all bodies

407  praanah                 Life

408  praanadah            Giver of life

409  pranavah               He who is praised by the gods

410  prituh                      The expanded

411  hiranyagarbhah    The creator

412  shatrughnah          The destroyer of enemies

413  vyaaptah                  The pervader

414  vaayuh                      The air

415  adhokshajah           One whose vitality never flows downwards


tu sudarśaa kāla parameṣṭhī parigraha |

ugra savatsaro dako viśrāmo viśvadakia || 45 ||


416  rituh                   The seasons

417  sudarshanah    He whose meeting is auspicious

418  kaalah                He who judges and punishes beings

419  parameshthee  One who is readily available for experience within heart

420  parigrahah       The receiver

421  ugrah                  The terrible

422  samvatsarah    The year

423  dakshah             The smart

424  vishraamah       The resting place

425  vishva-dakshinah    The most skilful and efficient


vistāra sthāvarasthāu pramāa bījamavyayam |

artho’nartho mahākośo mahābhogo mahādhana || 46 ||


426  vistaarah                            The extension

427  sthaavarah-sthaanuh    The firm and motionless

428  pramaanam          The proof

429  beejamavyayam   The Immutable Seed

430  arthah                      He who is worshiped by all

431  anarthah                 One to whom there is nothing yet to be fulfilled

432  mahaakoshah       He who has got around him great sheaths

433  mahaabhogah      He who is of the nature of enjoyment

434  mahaadhanah      He who is supremely rich


anirviṇṇa sthaviṣṭho’bhūrdharmayūpo mahāmakha |

nakatranemirnakatrī kama kāma samīhana || 47 ||


435  anirvinnah          He who has no discontent

436  sthavishthah      One who is supremely huge

437  a-bhooh             One who has no birth

438  dharma-yoopah The post to which all dharma is tied

439  mahaa-makhah The great sacrificer

440  nakshatranemir The nave of the stars

441  nakshatree        The Lord of the stars (the moon)

442  kshamah            He who is supremely efficient in all undertakings

443  kshaamah          He who ever remains without any scarcity

444  sameehanah      One whose desires are auspicious


yajña ijyo mahejyaśca kratu satra satā gati |

sarvadarśī vimuktātmā sarvajño jñānamuttamam || 48 ||


445  yajnah              One who is of the nature of yajna

446  ijyah                 He who is fit to be invoked through yajna

447  mahejyah        One who is to be most worshiped

448  kratuh              The animal-sacrifice

449  satram              Protector of the good

450  sataam-gatih  Refuge of the good

451  sarvadarshee           All-knower

452  vimuktaatmaa        The ever-liberated self

453  sarvajno                     Omniscient

454  jnaanamuttamam  The Supreme Knowledge


suvrata sumukha sūkma sughoa sukhada suht |

manoharo jitakrodho vīrabāhurvidāraa || 49 ||


455  suvratah       He who ever-perfoeming the pure vow

456  sumukhah    One who has a charming face

457  sookshmah  The subtlest

458  sughoshah   Of auspicious sound

459  sukhadah     Giver of happiness

460  suhrit            Friend of all creatures

461  manoharah  The stealer of the mind

462  jita-krodhah  One who has conquered anger

463  veerabaahur Having mighty arms

464  vidaaranah   One who splits asunder


svāpana svavaśo vyāpī naikātmā naikakarmakt |

vatsaro vatsalo vatsī ratnagarbho dhaneśvara || 50 ||


465  svaapanah            One who puts people to sleep

466  svavashah             He who has everything under His control

467  vyaapee                  All-pervading

468  naikaatmaa          Many souled

469  naikakarmakrit   One who does many actions

470  vatsarah              The abode

471  vatsalah                The supremely affectionate

472  vatsee                    The father

473  ratnagarbhah     The jewel-wombed

474  dhaneshvarah    The Lord of wealth


dharmagubdharmakddharmī sadasatkaramakaram |

avijñātā sahasrāśurvidhātā ktalakaa || 51 ||


475  dharmagub      One who protects dharma

476  dharmakrit      One who acts according to dharma

477  dharmee            The supporter of dharma

478  sat                        existence

479  asat                      illusion

480  ksharam           He who appears to perish

481  aksharam          Imperishable

482 avigyaataa    The non-knower (The knower being the conditioned soul within the body)

483  sahasraamshur    The thousand-rayed

484  vidhaataa                All supporter

485  kritalakshanah     One who is famous for His qualities


gabhastinemi sattvastha siho bhūtamaheśvara |

ādidevo mahādevo deveśo devabhdguru || 52 ||


486  gabhastinemih    The hub of the universal wheel

487  sattvasthah         Situated in sattva

488  simhah                The lion

489  bhoota-maheshvarah    The great lord of beings

490  aadidevah                     The first deity

491  mahaadevah                 The great deity

492  deveshah                      The Lord of all devas

493  devabhrit-guruh            Advisor of Indra



uttaro gopatirgoptā jñānagamya purātana |

śarīrabhūtabhdbhoktā kapīndro bhūridakia || 53 ||


494  uttarah     He who lifts us from the ocean of samsara

495  gopatih    The shepherd

496  goptaa     The protector

497  jnaanagamyah    One who is experienced through pure knowledge

498  puraatanah         He who was even before time

499 shareera-bhootabhrit  One who nourishes the nature from which the bodies came

500  bhoktaa                        The enjoyer

501  kapeendrah                  Lord of the monkeys (Rama)

502  bhooridakshinah          He who gives away large gifts



somapo’mtapa soma purujitpurusattama |
vinayo jaya
satyasadho dāśārha sāttvatāpati || 54 ||


503  somapah          One who takes Soma in the yajnas

504  amritapah         One who drinks the nectar

505  somah              One who as the moon nourishes plants

506  purujit               One who has conquered numerous enemies

507  purusattamah   The greatest of the great

508  vinayah             He who humiliates those who are unrighteous

509  jayah                The victorious

510  satyasandhah  Of truthful resolution

511  daashaarhah    One who was born in the Dasarha race

512  saatvataam-patih    The Lord of the Satvatas



jīvo vinayitā sākī mukundo’mitavikrama |

ambhonidhiranantātmā mahodadhiśayo’ntaka || 55 ||


513  jeevah                        One who functions as the ksetrajna

514  vinayitaa-saakshee    The witness of modesty

515  mukundah                  The giver of liberation

516  amitavikramah           Of immeasurable prowess

517  ambho-nidhir             The substratum of the four types of beings

518  anantaatmaa             The infinite self

519  mahodadhishayah     One who rests on the great ocean

520  antakah                     The death


 ajo mahārha svābhāvyo jitāmitra pramodana |

ānando nandano nanda satyadharmā trivikrama || 56 ||


521  ajah                  Unborn

522  mahaarhah      One who deserves the highest worship

523  svaabhaavyah Ever rooted in the nature of His own self

524  jitaamitrah       One who has conquered all enemies

525  pramodanah    Ever-blissful

526  aanandah        A mass of pure bliss

527  nandanah       One who makes others blissful

528  nandah           Free from all worldly pleasures

529  satyadharmaa    One who has in Himself all true dharmas

530  trivikramah         One who took three steps


mahari kamilācārya ktjño medinīpati |

tripadastridaśādhyako mahāśṛṅga ktāntakt || 57 ||


531  maharshih kapilaachaaryah   He who incarnated as Kapila, the great sage

532  kritajnah            The knower of the creation

533  medineepatih    The Lord of the earth

534  tripadah            One who has taken three steps

535  tridashaadhyaksho     The Lord of the three states of consciousness

536  mahaashringah          Great-horned (Matsya)

537  kritaantakrit                Destroyer of the creation


mahāvarāho govinda suea kanakāgadī |

guhyo gabhīro gahano guptaścakragadādhara || 58 ||


538  mahaavaraaho    The great boar

539  govindah             One who is known through Vedanta

540  sushenah            He who has a charming army

541  kanakaangadee  Wearer of bright-as-gold armlets

542  guhyo                  The mysterious

543  gabheerah          The unfathomable

544  gahano               Impenetrable

545  guptah                The well-concealed

546  chakra-gadaadharah    Bearer of the disc and mace


vedhā svāgo’jita kṛṣṇo dṛḍha sakarao’cyuta |

varuo vāruo vka pukarāko mahāmana || 59 ||


547  vedhaah                     Creator of the universe

548  svaangah                   One with well-proportioned limbs

549  ajitah                          Vanquished by none

550  krishnah                     Dark-complexioned

551  dridhah                      The firm

552  sankarshanochyutah He who absorbs the whole creation into His nature and never falls away                                                       from that nature

553  varunah                     One who sets on the horizon (Sun)

554  vaarunah                   The son of Varuna (Vasistha or Agastya)

555  vrikshah                     The tree

556  pushkaraakshah        Lotus eyed

557  mahaamanaah          Great-minded


bhagavān bhagahā”nandī vanamālī halāyudha |

ādityo jyotirāditya sahiṣṇurgatisattama || 60 ||


558  bhagavaan     One who possesses six opulences

559  bhagahaa       One who destroys the six opulences during pralaya

560  aanandee       One who gives delight

561  vanamaalee   One who wears a garland of forest flowers

562  halaayudhah  One who has a plough as His weapon

563  aadityah         Son of Aditi

564  jyotiraadityah  The resplendence of the sun

565  sahishnuh      One who calmly endures duality

566  gatisattamah  The ultimate refuge for all devotees


sudhanvā khaṇḍaparaśurdāruo draviaprada |

divaspk sarvadgvyāso vācaspatirayonija || 61 ||


567  sudhanvaa             One who has Shaarnga

568  khanda-parashur    One who holds an axe

569  daarunah                Merciless towards the unrighteous

570  dravinapradah        One who lavishly gives wealth

571  divah-sprik              Sky-reaching

572  sarvadrik-vyaaso    One who creates many men of wisdom

573  vaachaspatir-ayonijah        One who is the master of all vidyas and who is unborn through a                                                                     womb

trisāmā sāmaga sāma nirvāa bheaja bhiak |

sanyāsakcchama śānto niṣṭhā śānti parāyaam || 62 ||


574  trisaamaa             One who is glorified by Devas, Vratas and Saamans

575  saamagah            The singer of the sama songs

576  saama                  The Sama Veda

577  nirvaanam            All-bliss

578  bheshajam           Medicine

579  bhishak                Physician

580  samnyaasa-krit    Institutor of sannyasa

581  samah                 Calm

582  shaantah             Peaceful within

583  nishthaa              Abode of all beings

584  shaantih              One whose very nature is peace

585  paraayanam       The way to liberation


śubhāga śāntida sraṣṭā kumuda kuvaleśaya |

gohito gopatirgoptā vṛṣabhāko vṛṣapriya || 63 ||


586  shubhaangah    One who has the most beautiful form

587  shaantidah        Giver of peace

588  srashtaa            Creator of all beings

589  kumudah           He who delights in the earth

590  kuvaleshayah    He who reclines in the waters

591  gohitah              One who does welfare for cows

592  gopatih              Husband of the earth

593  goptaa               Protector of the universe

594  vrishabhaaksho One whose eyes rain fulfilment of desires

595  vrishapriyah       One who delights in dharma


anirvartī nivttātmā sakeptā kemakcchiva |

śrīvatsavakā śrīvāsa śrīpati śrīmatāvara || 64 ||


596  anivartee          One who never retreats

597  nivrittaatmaa    One who is fully restrained from all sense indulgences

598  samksheptaa   The involver

599  kshemakrit       Doer of good

600  shivah              Auspiciousness

601  shreevatsa-vakshaah    One who has sreevatsa on His chest

602  shrevaasah                    Abode of Sree

603  shreepatih                      Lord of Laksmi

604  shreemataam varah      The best among glorious


śrīda śrīśa śrīnivāsa śrīnidhi śrīvibhāvana |

śrīdhara śrīkara śreya śrīmāllokatrayāśraya || 65 ||


605  shreedah                  Giver of opulence

606  shreeshah                The Lord of Sree

607  shreenivaasah         One who dwells in the good people

608  shreenidhih              The treasure of Sree

609  shreevibhaavanah   Distributor of Sree

610  shreedharah            Holder of Sree

611  shreekarah              One who gives Sree

612  shreyah                   Liberation

613  shreemaan              Possessor of Sree

614  loka-trayaashrayah Shelter of the three worlds

svaka svaga śatānando nandirjyotirgaeśvara |

vijitātmā‘vidheyātmā satkīrtiśchinnasaśaya || 66 ||


615  svakshah                  Beautiful-eyed

616  svangah                    Beautiful-limbed

617  shataanandah          Of infinite varieties and joys

618  nandih                      Infinite bliss

619  jyotir-ganeshvarah   Lord of the luminaries in the cosmos

620  vijitaatmaa               One who has conquered the sense organs

621  vidheyaatmaa    One who is ever available for the devotees to command in love

622  sat-keertih               One of pure fame

623  chinnasamshayah   One whose doubts are ever at rest


udīra sarvataścakuranīśa śāśvatasthira |

bhūśayo bhūao bhūtirviśoka śokanāśana || 67 ||


624  udeernah                  The great transcendent

625  sarvatah-chakshuh   One who has eyes everywhere

626  aneeshah                  One who has none to Lord over Him

627  shaashvata-sthirah   One who is eternal and stable

628  bhooshayah              One who rested on the ocean shore (Rama)

629  bhooshanah              One who adorns the world

630  bhootih                      One who is pure existence

631  vishokah                    Sorrowless

632  shoka-naashanah     Destroyer of sorrows


arcimānarcita kumbho viśuddhātmā viśodhana |

aniruddho’pratiratha pradyumno’mitavikrama || 68 ||


633  archishmaan        The effulgent

634  architah                One who is constantly worshipped by His devotees

635  kumbhah              The pot within whom everything is contained

636  vishuddhaatmaa  One who has the purest soul

637  vishodhanah        The great purifier

638  aniruddhah           He who is invincible by any enemy

639  apratirathah         One who has no enemies to threaten Him

640  pradyumnah        Very rich

641  amitavikramah     Of immeasurable prowess


kālaneminihā vīra śauri śūrajaneśvara |

trilokātmā trilokeśa keśava keśihā hari || 69 ||


642  kaalanemi-nihaa         Slayer of Kalanemi

643  veerah                        The heroic victor

644  shauri                         One who always has invincible prowess

645  shoora-janeshvarah   Lord of the valiant

646  trilokaatmaa               The self of the three worlds

647  trilokeshah                 The Lord of the three worlds

648  keshavah                   One whose rays illumine the cosmos

649  keshihaa                    Killer of Kesi

650  harih                          The destroyer


kāmadeva kāmapāla kāmī kānta ktāgama |

anirdeśyavapurviṣṇurvīro’nanto dhanañjaya || 70 ||


651  kaamadevah           The beloved Lord

652  kaamapaalah          The fulfiller of desires

653  kaamee                  One who has fulfilled all His desires

654  kaantah                  Of enchanting form

655  kritaagamah           The author of the agama scriptures

656  anirdeshya-vapuh  Of Indescribable form

657  vishnuh                  All-pervading

658  veerah                   The courageous

659  anantah                 Endless

660  dhananjayah         One who gained wealth through conquest


brahmayo brahmakd brahmā brahma brahmavivardhana |

brahmavid brāhmao brahmī brahmajño brāhmaapriya || 71 ||


661  brahmanyah    Protector of Brahman (anything related to Narayana)

662  brahmakrit      One who acts in Brahman

663  brahmaa         Creator

664  brahma           Biggest

665  brahma-vivardhanah    One who increases the Brahman

666  brahmavid                    One who knows Brahman

667  braahmanah                One who has realised Brahman

668  brahmee                      One who is with Brahma

669  brahmajno                   One who knows the nature of Brahman

670  braahmana-priyah       Dear to the brahmanas


mahākramo mahākarmā mahātejo mahoraga |

mahākraturmahāyajvā mahāyajño mahāhavi || 72 ||


671  mahaakramo    Of great step

672  mahaakarmaa  One who performs great deeds

673  mahaatejaah    One of great resplendence

674  mahoragah       The great serpent

675  mahaakratuh    The great sacrifice

676  mahaayajvaa    One who performed great yajnas

677  mahaayajnah    The great yajna

678  mahaahavih      The great offering


stavya stavapriya stotra stuti stotā raapriya |

pūra pūrayitā puya puyakīrtiranāmaya || 73 ||


679  stavyah            One who is the object of all praise

680  stavapriyah      One who is invoked through prayer

681  stotram             The hymn

682  stutih                The act of praise

683  stotaa               One who adores or praises

684  ranapriyah        Lover of battles

685  poornah           The complete

686  poorayitaa        The fulfiller

687  punyah             The truly holy

688  punya-keertir    Of Holy fame

689  anaamayah      One who has no diseases


manojavastīrthakaro vasuretā vasuprada |

vasuprado vāsudevo vasurvasumanā havi || 74 ||


690  manojavah     Swift as the mind

691  teerthakaro    The teacher of the tirthas

692  vasuretaah     He whose essence is golden

693  vasupradah    The free-giver of wealth

694  vasupradah    The giver of salvation, the greatest wealth

695  vaasudevo     The son of Vasudeva

696  vasuh             The refuge for all

697  vasumanaa    One who is attentive to everything

698  havih              The oblation


sadgati satkti sattā sadbhūti satparāyaa |

śūraseno yaduśreṣṭha sannivāsa suyāmuna || 75 ||


699  sadgatih              The goal of good people

700  satkritih               One who is full of Good actions

701  satta                    One without a second

702  sadbhootih          One who has rich glories

703  satparaayanah   The Supreme goal for the good

704  shoorasenah      One who has heroic and valiant armies

705  yadu-shresthah  The best among the Yadava clan

706  sannivaasah      The abode of the good

707  suyaamunah     One who attended by the people dwelling on the banks of Yamuna


bhūtāvāso vāsudeva sarvāsunilayo’nala |

darpahā darpado dpto durharo’thāparājita || 76 ||


708  bhootaavaaso    The dwelling place of the elements

709  vaasudevah       One who envelops the world with Maya

710  sarvaasunilayah The abode of all life energies

711  analah                One of unlimited wealth, power and glory

712  darpahaa            The destroyer of pride in evil-minded people

713  darpadah           One who creates pride, or an urge to be the best, among the righteous

714  driptah                One who is drunk with Infinite bliss

715  durdharah           The object of contemplation

716  athaaparaajitah   The unvanquished


viśvamūrtirmahāmūrtirdīptamūrtiramūrtimān |

anekamūrtiravyakta śatamūrti śatānana || 77 ||


717  vishvamoortih    Of the form of the entire Universe

718  mahaamortir      The great form

719  deeptamoortir    Of resplendent form

720  a-moortirmaan   Having no form

721  anekamoortih     Multi-formed

722  avyaktah            Unmanifeset

723  shatamoortih     Of many forms

724  shataananah     Many-faced


eko naika sava ka ki yat tatpadamanuttamam |

lokabandhurlokanātho mādhavo bhaktavatsala || 78 ||


725  ekah       The one

726  naikah    The many

727  savah     The nature of the sacrifice

728  kah         One who is of the nature of bliss

729  kim         What (the one to be inquired into)

730  yat          Which

731  tat          That

732  padam-anuttamam   The unequalled state of perfection

733  lokabandhur              Friend of the world

734  lokanaathah              Lord of the world

735  maadhavah               Born in the family of Madhu

736  bhaktavatsalah         One who loves His devotees


suvaravaro hemāgo varāgaścandanāgadī |

vīrahā viama śūnyo ghtāśīracalaścala || 79 ||


737  suvarna-varnah        Golden-coloured

738  hemaangah              One who has limbs of gold

739  varaangah                With beautiful limbs

740  chandanaangadee   One who has attractive armlets

741  veerahaa                  Destroyer of valiant heroes

742  vishama                    Unequalled

743  shoonyah                 The void

744  ghritaaseeh              One who has no need for good wishes

745  acalah                      Non-moving

746  chalah                      Moving


amānī mānado mānyo lokasvāmī trilokadhk |

sumedhā medhajo dhanya satyamedhā dharādhara || 80 ||


747  amaanee      Without false vanity

748  maanadah   One who causes, by His maya, false identification with the body

749  maanyah       One who is to be honoured

750  lokasvaamee Lord of the universe

751  trilokadhrik    One who is the support of all the three worlds

752  sumedhaa     One who has pure intelligence

753  medhajah      Born out of sacrifices

754  dhanyah        Fortunate

755  satyamedhah    One whose intelligence never fails

756  dharaadharah    The sole support of the earth


tejovṛṣo dyutidhara sarvaśastrabhtā vara |

pragraho nigraho vyagro naikaśṛṅgo gadāgraja || 81 ||


757  tejovrisho        One who showers radiance

758  dyutidharah    One who bears an effulgent form

759  sarva-shastra-bhritaam-varah  The best among those who wield weapons

760  pragrahah       Receiver of worship

761  nigrahah         The killer

762  vyagrah          One who is ever engaged in fulfilling the devotee’s desires

763  naikashringah One who has many horns

764  gadaagrajah   One who is invoked through mantra


caturmūrtiścaturbāhuścaturvyūhaścaturgati |

caturātmā caturbhāvaścaturvedavidekapāt || 82 ||


765  chaturmoortih    Four-formed

766  chaturbaahuh    Four-handed

767  chaturvyoohah  One who expresses Himself as the dynamic centre in the four vyoohas

768  chaturgatih        The ultimate goal of all four varnas and asramas

769  chaturaatmaa    Clear-minded

770  chaturbhaavas   The source of the four

771  chatur-vedavid   Knower of all four vedas

772  ekapaat              One-footed (BG 10.42)


samāvarto’nivttātmā durjayo duratikrama |

durlabho durgamo durgo durāvāso durārihā || 83 ||


773  samaavartah    The efficient turner

774  nivrittaatmaa    One whose mind is turned away from sense indulgence

775  durjayah           The invincible

776  duratikramah    One who is difficult to be disobeyed

777  durlabhah         One who can be obtained with great efforts

778  durgamah         One who is realised with great effort

779  durgah              Not easy to storm into

780  duraavaasah    Not easy to lodge

781  duraarihaa       Slayer of the asuras


śubhāgo lokasāraga sutantustantuvardhana |

indrakarmā mahākarmā ktakarmā ktāgama || 84 ||


782  shubhaangah    One with enchanting limbs

783  lokasaarangah  One who understands the universe

784  sutantuh            Beautifully expanded

785 tantu-vardhanah One who sustains the continuity of the drive for the family

786  indrakarmaa      One who always performs gloriously auspicious actions

787  mahaakarmaa   One who accomplishes great acts

788  kritakarmaa       One who has fulfilled his acts

789  kritaagamah      Author of the Vedas


udbhava sundara sundo ratnanābha sulocana |

arko vājasana śṛṅgī jayanta sarvavijjayī || 85 ||


790  udbhavah         The ultimate source

791  sundarah          Of unrivalled beauty

792  sundah             Of great mercy

793  ratna-naabhah Of beautiful navel

794  sulochanah      One who has the most enchanting eyes

795  arkah               One who is in the form of the sun

796  vaajasanah      The giver of food

797  shringee           The horned one

798  jayantah           The conqueror of all enemies

799  sarvavij-jayee   One who is at once omniscient and victorious


suvarabindurakobhya sarvavāgīśvareśvara |

mahāhrado mahāgarto mahābhūto mahānidhi || 86 ||


800  suvarna-binduh    With limbs radiant like gold

801  akshobhyah         One who is ever unruffled

802  sarva-vaageeshvareshvarah    Lord of the Lord of speech

803  mahaahradah      One who is like a great refreshing swimming pool

804  mahaagartah       The great chasm

805  mahaabhootah    The great being

806  mahaanidhih       The great abode


kumuda kundara kunda parjanya pāvano’nila |

amtāśo’mtavapu sarvajña sarvatomukha || 87 ||


807  kumudah      One who gladdens the earth

808  kundarah      The one who lifted the earth

809  kundah         One who is as attractive as Kunda flowers

810  parjanyah     He who is similar to rain-bearing clouds

811  paavanah     One who ever purifies

812  anilah           One who never slips

813  amritaashah One whose desires are never fruitless

814  amritavapuh He whose form is immortal

815  sarvajna       Omniscient

816  sarvato-mukhah    One who has His face turned everywhere


sulabha suvrata siddha śatrujicchatrutāpana |

nyagrodho’dumbaro’śvatthaścāūrāndhraniūdana || 88 ||


817  sulabhah            One who is readily available

818  suvratah             One who has taken the most auspicious forms

819  siddhah              One who is perfection

820  shatrujit              One who is ever victorious over His hosts of enemies

821  shatrutaapanah  The scorcher of enemies

822  nyagrodhah        The one who veils Himself with Maya

823  udumbarah         Nourishment of all living creatures

824  ashvattas           Tree of life

825  chaanooraandhra-nishoodanah    The slayer of Canura


sahasrarci saptajihva saptaidhā saptavāhana |

amūrtiranadho’cintyo bhayakdbhayanāśana || 89 ||


826  sahasraarchih    He who has thousands of rays

827 saptajihvah       He who expresses himself as the seven tongues of fire (Types of agni)

828  saptaidhaah       The seven effulgences in the flames

829  saptavaahanah  One who has a vehicle of seven horses (sun)

830  amoortih             Formless

831  anaghah             Sinless

832  acintyo                Inconceivable

833  bhayakrit            Giver of fear

834  bhayanaashanah Destroyer of fear


aurbhatkśa sthūlo guabhnnirguo mahān |

adhta svadhta svāsya prāgvaśo vaśavardhana || 90 ||


835  anuh           The subtlest

836  brihat          The greatest

837  krishah       Delicate, lean

838  sthoolah     One who is the fattest

839  gunabhrit    One who supports

840  nirgunah     Without any properties

841  mahaan      The mighty

842  adhritah      Without support

843  svadhritah   Self-supported

844  svaasyah    One who has an effulgent face

845  praagvamshah         One who has the most ancient ancestry

846  vamshavardhanah    He who multiplies His family of descendents


bhārabht kathito yogī yogīśa sarvakāmada |

āśrama śramaa kāma suparo vāyuvāhana || 91 ||


847  bhaarabhrit         One who carries the load of the universe

848  kathitah               One who is glorified in all scriptures

849  yogee                  One who can be realised through yoga

850  yogeeshah           The king of yogis

851  sarvakaamadah   One who fulfils all desires of true devotees

852  aashramah           Haven

853  shramanah           One who persecutes the worldly people

854  kshaamah            One who destroys everything

855  suparnah              The golden leaf (Vedas) BG 15.1

856  vaayuvaahanah    The mover of the winds


dhanurdharo dharnuvedo daṇḍo damayitā dama |

aparājita sarvasaho niyantā‘niyamo’yama || 92 ||


857  dhanurdharah    The wielder of the bow

858  dhanurvedah     One who declared the science of archery

859  dandah              One who punishes the wicked

860  damayitaa         The controller

861  damah               Beautitude in the self

862  aparaajitah        One who cannot be defeated

863  sarvasahah       One who carries the entire Universe

864  aniyantaa          One who has no controller

865  niyamah            One who is not under anyone’s laws

866  ayamah             One who knows no death


sattvavān sāttvika satya satyadharmaparāyaa |

abhiprāya priyārho’rha priyakt prītivardhana || 93 ||


867  sattvavaan         One who is full of exploits and courage

868  saattvikah          One who is full of sattvic qualities

869  satyah                Truth

870 satya-dharma-paraayanah One who is the very abode of truth and dharma

871  abhipraayah       One who is faced by all seekers marching to the infinite

872  priyaarhah          One who deserves all our love

873  arhah                  One who deserves to be worshiped

874  priyakrit              One who is ever-obliging in fulfilling our wishes

875  preetivardhanah One who increases joy in the devotee’s heart


vihāyasagatirjyoti surucirhutabhugvibhu |

ravirvirocana sūrya savitā ravilocana || 94 ||


876  vihaayasa-gatih    One who travels in space

877  jyotih                     Self-effulgent

878  suruchih                Whose desire manifests as the universe

879  hutabhuk               One who enjoys all that is offered in yajna

880  vibhuh                   All-pervading

881  ravi                       One who dries up everything

882  virochanah           One who shines in different forms

883  sooryah                The one source from where everything is born

884  savitaa                 The one who brings forth the Universe from Himself

885  ravilochanah        One whose eye is the sun


ananto hutabhugbhoktā sukhado naikajo’graja |

anirviṇṇa sadāmarī lokādhiṣṭhānamadbhuta || 95 ||


886  anantah      Endless

887  hutabhuk    One who accepts oblations

888  bhoktaaA    One who enjoys

889  sukhadah   Giver of bliss to those who are liberated

890  naikajah      One who is born many times

891  agrajah       The first-born

892  anirvinnah   One who feels no disappointment

893  sadaamarshee           One who forgives the trespasses of His devotees

894  lokaadhishthaanam    The substratum of the universe

895  adbhutah                    Wonderful


sanātsanātanatama kapila kapiravyaya |

svastida svastiktsvasti svastibhuksvastidakia || 96 ||


896  sanaat                    The beginningless and endless factor

897  sanaatanatamah    The most ancient

898  kapilah                   The great sage Kapila

899  kapih                      One who drinks water

900  avyayah                 The one in whom the universe merges

901  svastidah               Giver of Svasti

902  svastikrit                One who robs all auspiciousness

903  svasti                     One who is the source of all auspiciouness

904  svastibhuk             One who constantly enjoys auspiciousness

905  svastidakshinah     Distributor of auspiciousness


araudra kuṇḍalī cakrī vikramyūrjitaśāsana |

śabdātiga śabdasaha śiśira śarvarīkara || 97 ||


906  araudrah    One who has no negative emotions or urges

907  kundalee    One who wears shark earrings

908  chakree      Holder of the chakra

909  vikramee    The most daring

910  oorjita-shaasanah    One who commands with His hand

911  shabdaatigah           One who transcends all words

912 shabdasahah One who allows Himself to be invoked by Vedic declarations

913  shishirah       The cold season, winter

914  sharvaree-karah      Creator of darkness


akrūra peśalo dako dakia kamiāvara |

viddhattamo vītabhaya puyaśravaakīrtana || 98 ||


915  akroorah                  Never cruel

916  peshalah                 One who is supremely soft

917  dakshah                  Prompt

918  dakshinah               The most liberal

919 kshaminaam-varah One who has the greatest amount of patience with sinners

920  vidvattamah            One who has the greatest wisdom

921  veetabhayah           One with no fear

922  punya-shravana-keertanah  The hearing of whose glory causes holiness to grow


uttārao duktihā puyo dusvapnanāśana |

vīrahā rakaa santo jīvana paryavasthita || 99 ||


923  uttaaranah      One who lifts us out of the ocean of change

924  dushkritihaa    Destroyer of bad actions

925  punyah            Supremely pure

926  duh-svapna-naashanah    One who destroys all bad dreams

927  veerahaa         One who ends the passage from womb to womb

928  rakshanah       Protector of the universe

929  santah             One who is expressed through saintly men

930  jeevanah         The life spark in all creatures

931  paryavasthitah One who dwells everywhere


anantarūpo’nantaśrīrjitamanyurbhayāpaha |

caturaśro gabhīrātmā vidiśo vyādiśo diśa || 100 ||


932  anantaroopah     One of infinite forms

933  anantashreeh     Full of infinite glories

934  jitamanyuh         One who has no anger

935  bhayapahah       One who destroys all fears

936  chaturashrah      One who deals squarely

937  gabheeraatmaa  Too deep to be fathomed

938  vidishah              One who is unique in His giving

939  vyaadishah         One who is unique in His commanding power

940  dishah                 One who advises and gives knowledge


anādirbhūrbhuvo lakmī suvīro rucirāgada |

janano janajanmādirbhīmo bhīmaparākrama || 101 ||


941  anaadih           One who is the first cause

942  bhoor-bhuvo    The substratum of the earth

943  lakshmeeh       The glory of the universe

944  suveerah         One who moves through various ways

945  ruchiraangadah            One who wears resplendent shoulder caps

946  jananah                        He who delivers all living creatures

947  jana-janmaadir             The cause of the birth of all creatures

948  bheemah                      Terrible form

949  bheema-paraakramah  One whose prowess is fearful to His enemies


ādhāranilayo’dhātā pupahāsa prajāgara |

ūrdhvaga satpathācāra prāada praava paa || 102 ||


950  aadhaaranilayah    The fundamental sustainer

951  adhaataa                Above whom there is no other to command

952  pushpahaasah       He who shines like an opening flower

953  prajaagarah           Ever-awakened

954  oordhvagah           One who is on top of everything

955  satpathaachaarah One who walks the path of truth

956  praanadah             Giver of life

957  pranavah               Omkara

958  panah                    The supreme universal manager


pramāa prāanilaya prāabhtprāajīvana |

tattva tattvavidekātmā janmamtyujarātiga || 103 ||


959  pramaanam           He whose form is the Vedas

960  praananilayah       He in whom all prana is established

961  praanibhrit             He who rules over all pranas

962  praanajeevanah    He who maintains the life-breath in all living creatures

963  tattvam                  The reality

964  tattvavit                 One who has realised the reality

965  ekaatmaa              The one self

966 janma-mrityu-jaraatigah One who knows no birth, death or old age in Himself


bhūrbhuvasvastarustāra savitā prapitāmaha |

yajño yajñapatiryajvā yajñāgo yajñavāhana || 104 ||


967  bhoor-bhuvah svas-taruh  The tree of the three worlds (bhoo=terrestrial, svah=celestial and                                                                     bhuvah=the world in between)

968  taarah                One who helps all to cross over

969  savitaa               The father of all

970  prapitaamahah  The father of the father of beings (Brahma)

971  yajnah               One whose very nature is yajna

972  yajnapatih         The Lord of all yajnas

973  yajvaa               The one who performs yajna

974  yajnaangah       One whose limbs are the things employed in yajna

975  yajnavaahanah One who fulfils yajnas in complete


yajñabhd yajñakd yajñī yajñabhug yajñasādhana |

yajñāntakd yajñaguhyamannamannāda eva ca || 105 ||


976  yajnabhrid            The ruler of the yajanas
977  yajnakrit               One who performs yajna
978  yajnee                  Enjoyer of yajnas
979  yajnabhuk            Receiver of all that is offered
980  yajnasaadhanah  One who fulfils all yajnas
981  yajnaantakrit        One who performs the concluding act of the yajna
982  yajnaguhyam       The person to be realised by yajna
983  annam                 One who is food
984  annaadah            One who eats the food


ātmayoni svayajāto vaikhāna sāmagāyana |

devakīnandana sraṣṭā kitīśa pāpanāśana || 106 ||


985  aatmayonih          The uncaused cause

986  svayamjaatah       Self-born

987  vaikhaanah           The one who cut through the earth

988  saamagaayanah   One who sings the sama songs; one who loves hearing saama chants;

989  devakee-nandanah  Son of Devaki

990  srashtaa                   Creator

991  kshiteeshah             The Lord of the earth

992  paapa-naashanah    Destroyer of sin


śakhabhnnandakī cakrī śārgadhanvā gadādhara |

rathāgapāirakobhya sarvapraharaāyudha || 107 ||

sarvapraharaāyudha om nama iti |


993   samkha-bhrit          One who has the divine Pancajanya

994   nandakee               One who holds the Nandaka sword

995   chakree                  Carrier of Sudarsana

996   shaarnga-dhanvaa One who aims His shaarnga bow

997   gadaadharah          Carrier of Kaumodaki club

998  rathaanga-paanih  One who has the wheel of a chariot as His weapon; One with the strings of                                                    the chariot in his hands;

999   akshobhyah           One who cannot be annoyed by anyone

1000 sarva-praharanaayudhah  He who has all implements for all kinds of assault and fight


vanamālī gadī śārgī śakhī cakrī ca nandakī |
śrīmān nārāyao viṣṇurvāsudevo’bhirakatu || 108 ||


śrī vāsudevo’bhirakatu om nama iti |


Protect us Oh Lord Narayana
Who wears the forest garland,
Who has the mace, conch, sword and the wheel.
And who is called Vishnu and the Vasudeva.


Phal Shruti


Bheeshm uvaca:


itīdaṁ kīrtanīyasya keśavasya mahātmanaḥ |
nāmnāṁ sahasraṁ divyānāmaśeṣeṇa prakīrtitam || 1 ||


Thus was told by Bheeshma,
All the holy thousand names,
Of Kesava who is great.


ya idaṁ śṛṇuyānnityaṁ yaścāpi parikīrtayet |
nāśubhaṁ prāpnuyāt kiñcit sōmutreha ca mānavaḥ || 2 ||


He who hears or sings,
It all without fail,
In all days of the year,
Will never get in to bad,
In this life and after.


vedāntagō brāhmaṇaḥ syāt kṣatriyō vijayī bhavet |
vaiśyō dhanasamṛddhaḥ syāt śūdrassukhamavāpnuyāt || 3 ||


The Brahmin will get knowledge,
The kshatriya will get victory,
The vaisya will get wealth,
The shudra will get pleasures,
By reading these.


dharmārthī prāpnuyāddharmam arthārthī cārthamāpnuyāt |
kāmānavāpnuyāt kāmī prajārthī cāpnuyāt prajām || 4 ||


He who seeks Dharma,
He who seeks wealth,
He who seeks pleasures,
He who seeks children,
Will all without fail,
Get what they want.


bhaktimān yaḥ sadōtthāya śucistadgatamānasaḥ |

sahasraṁ vāsudevasya nāmnāmetat prakīrtayet || 5 ||


The Bhakta (devotee) who always waking up early getting clean and directing the mind in Vaasudeva , chants this SahasraNaam.


yaśaḥ prāpnōti vipulaṁ yāti prādhānyameva ca |

acalāṁ śriyamāpnōti śreyaḥ prāpnōtyanuttamam || 6 ||


One gets long fame of knowing great things, gets stable money, and gets unseconded Punya.


na bhayaṁ kvacidāpnōti vīryaṁ tejaśca viṁdati |

bhavatyarōgō dyutimān balarūpaguṇānvitaḥ || 7 ||


He never gets fears, and his valour and resplendence increases. He is freed of diseases and has a resplendence of lightning with strong body and qualities.


rōgārtō mucyate rōgādbaddhō mucyeta bandhanāt |

bhayānmucyeta bhītastu mucyetāpanna āpadaḥ || 8 ||


Who is diseased is freed of diseases, who is in bondage is freed, a feared person is freed of fear, and an afflicted person is freed of problems.


durgāṇyatitaratyāśu puruṣaḥ puruṣōttamam |

stuvannāmasahasreṇa nityaṁ bhaktisamanvitaḥ || 9 ||


The person who always reads this SahasraNaama with full devotion for Purushottama Vishnu , is easily freed from obstacles.


vāsudevāśrayō martyō vāsudevaparāyaṇaḥ |

sarvapāpaviśuddhātmā yāti brahma sanātanam || 10 ||


Who is in refuge of Vaasudeva, and is utmostly devoted to Him, that mortal being is freed of all sins and attains the Supreme Brahman.


na vāsudevabhaktānāmaśubhaṁ vidyate kvacit |

janmamṛtyujarāvyādhibhayaṁ naivōpajāyate || 11 ||


The devotees of Vasudeva the great,
Never fall into days that are difficult,
And never forever suffer,
Of birth, death, old age and fear.


imaṁ stavamadhīyānaḥ śraddhābhaktisamanvitaḥ |

yujyetātmāsukhakṣāmtiśrīdhṛtismṛtikīrtibhiḥ || 12 ||


He who sings these names with devotion,
And with Bhakthi,
Will get pleasure the great,
Patience to allure,
Wealth to attract,
Bravery and memory to excel.


na krōdhō na ca mātsaryaṁ na lōbhō nāśubhā matiḥ |

bhavanti kṛtapuṇyānāṁ bhaktānāṁ puruṣōttame || 13 ||


The devotee of the Lord Purushottama,
Has neither anger nor fear,
Nor avarice and nor bad thoughts.


dyaussacandrārkanakṣatrā khaṁ diśō bhūrmahōdadhiḥ |

vāsudevasya vīryeṇa vidhṛtāni mahātmanaḥ || 14 ||


All this world of sun and stars,
Moon and sky, Sea and the directions,
Are but borne by valour the great,
Of the great god Vasudeva.


sasurāsuragandharvaṁ sayakṣōragarākṣasam |

jagadvaśe vartatedaṁ kṛṣṇasya sacarācaram || 15 ||


All this world,
Which moves and moves not,
And which has devas, rakshasas and Gandharwas,
And also asuras and nagas,
Is with Lord Krishna without fail.


indriyāṇi manō buddhiḥ sattvaṁ tejō balaṁ dhṛtiḥ |

vāsudevātmakānyāhuḥ, kṣetraṁ kṣetrajña eva ca || 16 ||


The learned ones say,
That all the limbs,
Mind, wisdom, and thought,
And also strength, bravery, body and the soul,
Are full of Vasudeva.


sarvāgamānāmācāraḥ prathamaṁ parikalypate |

ācāraprabhavō dharmō dharmasya prabhuracyutaḥ || 17 ||


Rule of life was first born
And from it came Dharma,
And from it came Achyutha the Lord.


ṛṣayaḥ pitarō devā mahābhūtāni dhātavaḥ |

jaṅgamājaṅgamaṁ cedaṁ jagannārāyaṇōdbhavam || 18 ||


All the sages,
All the ancestors,
All the devas,
All the five elements,
All the pleasures,
All the luck,
All that moves,
All that does not move,
All came only,
From the great Narayana.


yōgō jñānaṁ tathā sāṁkhyaṁ vidyāḥ śilpādikarma ca |

vedāśśāstrāṇi vijñānametatsarvaṁ janārdanāt || 19 ||


The art of Yoga
And the science of Sankhya.
The treasure of knowledge.
The divine art of sculpture.
And all Vedas and sciences,
All these came from Janardhana.


ekō viṣṇurmahadbhūtaṁ pṛthagbhūtānyanekaśaḥ |
trīn–lōkānvyāpya bhūtātmā bhuṅkte viśvabhugavyayaḥ || 20 ||


Vishnu is many,
But He is one,
And he divides himself,
And exists in all beings,
That is in three worlds,
And rules all of them,
Without death and decay


imaṁ stavaṁ bhagavatō viṣṇōrvyāsena kīrtitam |
paṭhedya icchetpuruṣaḥ śreyaḥ prāptuṁ sukhāni ca || 21 ||


He who desires fame and pleasure,
Should chant these verses, sung by Vyasa,
Of this great stotra of Vishnu without fail.


viśveśvaramajaṁ devaṁ jagataḥ prabhavāpyayam |
bhajanti ye puṣkarākṣaṁ na te yānti parābhavam || 22 ||
|| na tē yāṁti parābhavam ōṁ nama iti ||


He will never fail,
Who sings the praise of the Lord,
Of this universe,
Who does not have birth,
Who is always stable,
And who shines and sparkles,
And has lotus eyes.
Om Nama He will not fail.


Arjuna uvāca

padmapatra viśālākṣa padmanābha surōttama |
bhaktānāmanuraktānāṁ trātā bhava janārdana || 23 ||

Arjuna said:

Oh God Who has eyes,
Like the petals of lotus,
Oh God, Who has a lotus,
On his stomach,
Oh God, Who has eyes,
Seeing all things,
Oh God, Who is the Lord,
Of all devas,
Please be kind,
And be shelter,To all your devotees,
Who come to you with love.


Srī Bhagavānuvāca


yō māṁ nāmasahasrēṇa stōtumicchati pāṁḍava |
sōhamēkēna ślōkēna stuta ēva na saṁśayaḥ || 24 ||


|| stuta ēva na saṁśaya ōṁ nama iti ||


The Lord said:
He who likes, Oh Arjuna,
To sing my praise,
Using these thousand names,
Should know Arjuna ,
That I would be satisfied,
By his singing of,
Even one stanza ,
Without any doubt.
Om Nama without any doubt.


vyāsa uvāca


vāsanādvāsudēvasya vāsitaṁ tē jagatrayam |
sarvabhūtanivāsōsi vāsudēva namōstu tē || 25 ||

|| śrīvāsudēva namōstuta ōṁ nama iti ||


Vyasa said:

My salutations to you Vasudeva,
Because you who live in all the worlds,
Make these worlds as places ,
Where beings live,
And also Vasudeva,
You live in all beings,
As their soul.
Om Nama salutations to Vasudeva.



kēnōpāyēna laghunā viṣṇōrnāmasahasrakam |
paṭhyatē paṁḍitairnityaṁ śrōtumicchāmyahaṁ prabhō || 26 ||


Parvathi said:

I am desirous to know oh Lord,
How the scholars of this world,
Will chant without fail,
These thousand names,
By a method that is easy and quick.


Iśvara uvāca

rīrāma rāma rāmēti ramē rāmē manōramē |
sahasranāmatattulyaṁ rāmanāma varānanē || 27 || (Chant this shloka 3 times)


|| śrī rāmanāma varānana ōṁ nama iti ||


Lord Shiva said:

Hey beautiful one,
I play with Rama always,
By chanting Rama Rama and Rama,
Hey lady with a beautiful face,
Chanting of the name Rama ,
Is same as the thousand names.
Om Nama Rama Nama Rama.




namōstvanaṁtāya sahasramūrtayē
sahasrapādākṣiśirōrubāhavē |
sahasranāmnē puruṣāya śāśvatē
sahasrakōṭiyugadhāriṇē namaḥ || 28 ||


|| sahasrakōṭiyugadhāriṇē nama ōṁ nama iti ||


Brahma said:

Salutations to thee oh lord,
Who runs the immeasurable time,
Of thousand crore yugas,
Who has no end,
Who has thousand names,
Who has thousand forms,
Who has thousand feet,
Who has thousand eyes,
Who has thousand heads,
Who has thousand arms,
And Who is always there.
Om Nama He who runs thousand crore yugas.


sanjaya uvāca


yatra yōgēśvaraḥ kr̥ṣṇō yatra pārthō dhanurdharaḥ |
tatra śrīrvijayō bhūtirdhruvā nītirmatirmama || 29 ||


Sanjaya said:

Where Krisna, the king of Yogas,
And where the wielder of bow,
Arjuna is there,
There will exist all the good,
All the the victory,
All the fame ,
And all the justice.
In this world.




ananyāściṁtayaṁtō māṁ yē janāḥ paryupāsatē |
tēṣāṁ nityābhiyuktānāṁ yōgakṣēmaṁ vahāmyaham || 30 ||


Sri Bhagavan said:

I would take care,
Of worries and cares of Him,
Who thinks and serves me ,
Without any other Thoughts,


paritrāṇāya sādhūnāṁ vināśāya ca duṣkr̥tām |
dharmasaṁsthāpanārthāya saṁbhavāmi yugē yugē || 31 ||


To take care of Dharma,
To protect those who are good,
And to destroy all who are bad.
I will be born from time to time.


ārtā viṣaṇṇāḥ śithilāśca bhītāḥ
ghōrēṣu ca vyādhiṣu vartamānāḥ |
saṁkīrtya nārāyaṇaśabdamātraṁ
vimuktaduḥkhāḥ sukhinō bhavaṁti || 32 ||


If he who is worried,
If he who is sad,
If he who is broken,
If he who is afraid,
If he who is severely ill,
If he who has heard tidings bad,
Sings Narayana and Narayana,
All his cares would be taken care of.


Kaayena Vaacaa Manase-Indriyairvaa

Buddhy-Aatmanaa Va-Anusrta-Svabhaavaat |

Karoti Yad-Yat-Sakalam Parasmai

Naaraayannayeti Samarpayet-Tat || 


Whatever I do with the Body, Speech, Mind or the Sense Organs, either by discrimination of the Intellect, or by the deeper feelings of the Heart, or by the existing Tendencies of the Mind, I Do them All (i.e. Whatever work is to be done) without Ownership, and I Surrender them at the feet of Sri Narayana.


॥ Iti Shri Vishnordivyasahasranamastotram sampoornam॥

॥ Om Tat Sat ॥


Vishnu Sahasranama English Lyrics



Vishnu Sahasranama Hindi Lyrics & meaning




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