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Hello Beautiful Souls, Welcome to “The Spiritual Talks.” This is a spiritual platform created with purpose to let you find your inner peace and wisdom which has been lost in the pace of life. Most of us have forgotten our true soul purpose and life path. We are just running in the race of following our material dreams. We are focusing only on our material existence and material survival.




We need to remember that every soul has a specific, distinct and unique journey to cover. We in the first place have totally ignored our true identity, i.e., our spiritual existence in the race of survival on this planet.

This platform will help you realize your true self, to connect you to your true identity, to know your life purpose.

Why have you chosen to take birth on this planet or any other planet? What is the reason behind your sorrows & unhappiness? You have taken birth for some reason with some purpose. You have to find that in this lifetime only to get rid of this recycle of birth and death.

There are so many unfolding lessons to be learnt and so many things to be unveiled. This universe is full of mysteries and you, being the part of this universe, are bound to know the mystery behind your existence.

As there is always a creator behind a creation likewise there is a Creator, the Supreme Being, the Supreme Power, behind the creation of this Universe, whom we lovingly called God. If you want to know any information about any creation you can do that contacting its creator. So if you want to know about this universe or yourself, the beautiful creation of that Supreme Being, you need to contact Him. You can do it either way. Either you know Him and you will come to know about yourself as you are His creation, the product of His thought process or you know yourself by self realization and you will come to know about Him. As you belong to Him. 

People are always in the search of something but they don’t realize what they actually want. They are wandering in this jungle like that deer, who is looking for that Musk ( Kasturi ) in the outer world, which actually lies within him, which belongs to him. Your true happiness lies within you. 

Our loving connection to that power has been disconnected for varied reasons. The day we regain our lost connection we will fulfill our soul purpose and complete our soul journey. 

So be connected to this platform to know more about YOU and get ready for many unfolding truths……..

Wish that you find your lost peace and tranquility on this page.



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