Shri Baal Mukund Ashtakam with hindi meaning

Bala Mukundashtakam with English meaning|श्री बालमुकुन्द अष्टकम| Bala-Mukundashtakam बालमुकुन्दाष्टकम्| Shri Baal Mukund Ashtakam in English| Sri Bala Mukundashtakam with English Meaning| Bala Mukund Ashtakam English Lyrics | Benefits of reciting balamukundashtakam

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Bala Mukundashtakam with Hindi and English meaning



करारविन्देन पदारविन्दं मुखारविन्दे विनिवेशयन्तं

वटस्य पत्रस्य पुटे शयानं बालं मुकुन्दं मनसा स्मरामि॥1॥


Kararavindena Padaravindam Mukharavinde Viniveshayantam

Vatasya Patrasya Pute Shayanam Balam Mukundam Manasa Smarami.1


My mind remembers that child Krishna who is lying on the leaf of banyan tree , holding his lotus-like soft feet with His lotus-like hands and placing the big toe of His feet in His lotus-like mouth. In such a state, Child Krishna is sleeping and resting on a leaf. I (the seeker) hold that childlike God in my mind.॥1॥


श्री बालमुकुन्द अष्टकम हिंदी अर्थ सहित


संहृत्य लोकान्-वटपत्रमध्ये शयनं-आद्यन्तविहीन रूपम्

सर्वेश्र्वरम् सर्वहितावतारं बालं मुकुन्दं मनसा स्मरामि ॥2॥


Samhrutya Lokan-Vatapatramadhye Shayanam-Adyantavihina Rupam

Sarveshwaram Sarvahitavataram Balam Mukundam Manasa Smarami.2


I remember in my mind that child Mukund who binds all the worlds in the banyan leaves, who absorbs the world within himself, who rests by sleeping among the banyan leaves, This form is beyond beginning and end, who has no beginning and no end, Shri Krishna is the Lord of all, the God of all, who incarnates for the relief and welfare of all people.॥2॥


Shri Baal Mukund Ashtakam with hindi meaning


इन्दीवर-श्यामल-कोमलाङ्गं इन्द्रादि-देवार्चित-पादपद्मं

संतानकल्प-द्रुममं-आश्रितानां बालं मुकुन्दं मनसा स्मरामि ॥3॥


Indira-Shyamala-Komalangam Indradi-Devarchita-Padapadmam

Santanakalpa-Drumam-Ashritanam Balam Mukundam Manasa Smarami.3


I remember in my mind that child Mukund, whose body is dark blue and soft like a blue lotus, whose lotus feet are worshiped by Indra and other gods, who is like the Kalpataru tree fulfilling the wishes of those who take refuge in Him. By taking shelter in the lotus feet of Shri Krishna, all the wishes are fulfilled.॥3॥


Sri Bala Mukundashtakam with English Meaning


लम्बालकं लंबित-हारयष्टिं शृङ्गारलीलाङ्कित-दन्तपङ्क्तिं

बिम्बाधरं चारुविशाल-नेत्रं बालं मुकुन्दं मनसा स्मरामि ॥4॥


Lambalakam Lambita-Harayashtim Shrungara-Leelankita-Dantapanktim

Bimbadharam Charuvishala-Netram Balam Mukundam Manasa Smarami.4


I remember in my mind the child Mukund, who has long and curly hair, who is wearing a long garland of eight jewels, whose rows of teeth are adorned with the playful smile of Shringara Leela, whose lips are red like the Bimba fruit, Whose eyes are beautiful and huge.॥4॥


शिक्ये निधायाद्य-पयोदधीनि बहिर्गतायं व्रजनायिकायां

भुक्त्वा यथेष्टं कपटेन सुप्तं बालं मुकुन्दं मनसा स्मरामि ॥5॥


Shikye Nidhayadya-Payodadhini Bahirgatayam Vrajanayikayam

Bhuktva Yatheshtam Kapatena Suptam Balam Mukundam Manasa Smarami.5


I remember in my mind that child Mukund who, when the Gopikas of Brij go out of the house, steals milk and curd from the pots hanging on the eaves and after eating curd and butter as per His wish, he pretends to sleep. ॥5॥


कलिन्दजान्त-स्थितकालियस्य फणाग्ररङ्गे नटनप्रियन्तं

तत्पुच्छहस्तं शरदिन्दुवक्त्रं बालं मुकुन्दं मनसा स्मरामि ॥6॥

Kalindajanta-Sthitakaliyasya Phanagrarange Natanapriyantam

Tatpucchahastam Sharadinduvaktram Balam Mukundam Manasa Smarami.6


I remember in my mind that child Mukund who dances happily on the hood of Kaliya Naag living in Kalindi (Yamuna River) originating from Kalind mountain , the face of child Krishna holding the tail of Kaliya Naag in His hand is looking beautiful like the moon of the winter season ॥6॥


उलूखले बद्धं-उदारशौर्यम् उत्तुङ्ग-युग्मार्जुन-भन्गलीलं

उत्पुल्ल-पद्मायत-चारुनेत्रं बालं मुकुन्दं मनसा स्मरामि ॥7॥


Ulukhale Baddham-Udarashauryam Uttunga-Yugmarjuna-Bhangaleelam

Utpulla-Padmayata-Charunetram Balam Mukundam Manasa Smarami.7


I remember in my mind that child Mukund, who was tied with a mortar by his mother but His face was shining like a brave one, who played the divine play of uprooting a pair of two huge trees of Arjuna with His body, Whose huge eyes are as beautiful as the petals of a blooming lotus ॥7॥


आलोक्य मातुर्मुखमादरेण स्तन्यं पिबन्तं सरसीरुहाक्षं

सच्चिन्मयं देवं-अनन्तरूपं बालं मुकुन्दं मनसा स्मरामि ॥8॥


Alokya Maturmukhamadarena Stanyam Pibantam Sarasiruhaksham

Sacchinmayam Devam-Anantarupam Balam Mukundam Manasa Smarami.8


I remember in my mind the child Mukund who looks at His mother with respect while breastfeeding, His eyes look as beautiful as lotus while breastfeeding, as if a lotus is situated on the bank of a lake, Whose form is truly blissful and infinite. ॥8॥



॥ इति श्री बिल्वमङ्गलठाकुरविरचितम् बालमुकुन्दाष्टकम् सम्पूर्णम् ॥


Benefits of Reciting Balamukundashtakam


By reciting Bal Mukund Ashtakam, all the wishes are fulfilled by the grace and blessings of Bal Krishna.

Reciting Balamukundashtakam provides relief from unrest, fear and stress from the life of the devotee. One attains inner and mental peace.

Happiness, peace and prosperity come in family and life.

There is an increase in wealth and fame and all the troubles go away.

All types of problems and adversities are removed from a person’s life.

The person stays away from all types of negative thinking and bad thoughts.

Regular recitation of Balamukundashtakam Stotra brings positive energy to the person and increases self-confidence.

A person can easily face the toughest situations and achieve victory.


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