Achyutashtakam - Lord Krishna Bhajan and Mantras

Achyuta Ashtakam Lyrics with meaning | Achyutashtakam | Achyutashtakam English Lyrics | Achyutashtakam English Lyrics with Meaning | Achyutam Keshavam Krishna Damodaram  | Achyutashtakam – Lord Krishna Bhajan and Mantras. | Achyut-Ashtakam –Great Mantra For Lord Vishnu.| Achyutashtakam with Meaning| Achyutashtak Lyrics | Achyut Ashtak

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This is a very beautiful Krishna bhajan called Achyutashtakam.

Krishna loves to hear this and bless all who sing this for him. 

I have mentioned Sanskrit and English translation for you. I am sure you will definitely get blessings of our beloved Krishna. You can attract Lord Krishna , Money, Health, Fame, Happiness, Love and Peace in your life by singing & reciting this Ashtakam daily. If you chant it daily you will feel the difference.

Your love and connection with Krishna will grow. You will feel more connected and close to him as if he is around you.





Just consider him your best friend or any relationship which you feel with him and see the result. You will find yourself in peace at once. He is so adorable and loving that he wants nothing from you and gets happy with you with the little service you provide to him. He just sees your emotions, your feelings ,your devotion, your love and your desperation to make him happy. Do everything just to make him happy and you will feel the bliss.

Achyutashtakam is one of the prayers to be addressed to Lord Sri Hari composed by Sri Adi Shankaracharya.

Lord Vishnu is the Supreme Administrator of the Universe. One of his names is Anantakoti-brahmand-nayaka – The Administrator of an innumerable number of the universe.





Lord Vishnu is: Omnipresent-Sarvavyapi, Omniscient-Sarvashaktiman and Omnipotent-Sarvasamarth.

Achyut is another name of Lord Vishnu. Achyut means “one who will never lose his inherent nature and powers”.

The name also means “immovable”, “unchangeable”, and as such is used for “the One who is without the six transformations, beginning with birth”.

Lord Vishnu is one of the most important Hindu Gods to many devotees across the world.

He is a part of the Trimurti of Hindu Gods along with Shiva and Brahma. While Brahma is known as the Creator and Shiva is the Destroyer; Vishnu is the Preserver of our Universe.

Arjuna calls Lord Krishna Achyut.



  • Achyutashtakam - Lord Krishna Bhajan and Mantras




He wants the immovable to start moving for him!

‘Achyut’ also means one who has never fallen. Thereby Arjuna wants to suggest to Lord Krishna 
that He will never fail him.

“The melodious hymn was composed by Shankaracharya and is very soothing to the ears.

The Achyut Ashtakam is a powerful mantra dedicated to Lord Vishnu and chanting it has several benefits for a person’s life.



Benefits of chanting Achyutashtakam


Devotees are able to align their individual consciousness with the cosmic consciousness.

They enjoy diving deep into the ocean of consciousness, which is an infinite source of knowledge, power and bliss.

Thereby achieving Chaturvidh phal-Dharma (Religion), Arth (Money), Kaam (Desires)and Moksha (Salvation)-all four goals of human life-righteousness, affluence in every area of life, the fulfilment of all desires and finally-The enlightenment.

Achyut Ashtakam is a powerful mantra dedicated to Lord Vishnu and chanting it has several benefits for a person’s life.

The persons who are getting no results even after giving their best must chant this Achyutashtakam to get over the adversities and difficult times.

The persons who are in stress due to the lack of business ,job, employment ,getting continuous failures in every aspect of life should chant this octat.

Students should chant this to get success in their studies.

Those who are desirous to get rid of any disease can do daily chanting of this octat.

Regular recitation of Achyuta ashtakam Stotram gives peace of mind and keeps away all the evil from your life and makes you healthy, wealthy and prosperous. The Stotram provides you the solution to each and every problem in life.


Listen & chant this Achyutashtakam to attain Krishna’s Grace.


Lyrics and Meaning Of Achyutashtakam


Achyutam Keshavam Ram-Narayanam
Krishna-Damodaram Vasudevam Harim |
Shri-Dharam Madhavam Gopika-Vallabham
Janki-Nayakam Ramachandram Bhaje ||1


O Achyut ! (the Infallible One), O Keshav ! (Who Controls everyone, Who has beautiful Hair and Who killed demon Keshi), O Ram! the Incarnation of Narayan (Who is without any blemish), O Krishna ! (Who attracts others by His Divine Attributes and Beauty),O Damodar ! (because of being tied by Mother Yashoda around the waist) , O Vasudev ! (Who was the Son of Vasudev), O Hari ! (Who takes away the Sins, Who Receives the Offerings of the Yagna),O Shridhar ! (Who Bears Sri on His Chest), O Madhav! (Consort of Mahalakshmi), The One ! Who was the most Beloved of the Gopikas (the Cowherd Girls of Vrindavana) and O Ramachandra ! the Lord of Goddess Janki, I worship you and I pay you my obeisances.1


Achyutam Keshavam Satyabha-Maadhavam
Madhavam Shri-Dharam Radhika-Aaradhitam |
Indira-Mandiram Chetsa Sundaram
Devki-Nandanam Nand-Jam San-Dadhe ||2||


O Achyut (the Infallible One), O Keshav (Who Controls everyone, Who has beautiful Hair and Who killed the demon Keshi), The One Who was the Lord of Satyabhama, O Madhava (Consort of Mahalakshmi), O Shridhar (Who Bears Shri mark on His Chest), The One Who was Worshipped by Radhika, The One Who is the Temple of Indira (i.e. the Sacred Abiding Place of Devi Mahalakshmi in His Heart), The One Who has a Beautiful Splendour, The One Who was the Son of Devki and The One Who became the Son of Nand by being Given to him, I worship you and pay you my salutations.2


Vishnave Jishnave Shankhine Chakrine
Rukmini-Raginne Janki-Janaye |
Kansa-Vidhvanshine Vanshine Te Namah ||3||


O Vishnu ! (the All-Pervading One), O Jishnu ! (the ever Victorious One), O the holder of Shankh ! (the Conch-Shell), O the holder of Chakra ! (the Discus), The One ! Who was extremely Dear to Rukmini (as Sri Krishna), The One ! Who had Devi Janki as His Wife (as Sri Ram), The one ! Who was Worshipped by the beloved Cowherd Girls of Vrindavana in their Hearts, The One ! Who Destroyed Kansa and Who Played beautiful Tunes in His Flute. I worship you and Salute You reverantially.3


Krishna Govind He Ram Narayana
Shri-Pate Vasudev-Ajit- Shri-Nidhe |
Achyut-Ananta He Madhava-Adhokshaja
Dvaraka-Nayak Draupadi-Rakshak ||4||


O Krishna ! the Incarnation of Govinda (Who can be known through Vedas), O Rama ! the Incarnation of Narayana (Who is without any blemish), O Shripati ! (the Consort of Sri), O Vasudev ! (Who was the Son of Vasudev), the Unconquerable One, and O Shrinidhi ! (Who is the Storehouse of Sri), O Achyut ! (Who is the Infallible One) and Endless, and O Madhav ! (Consort of Mahalakshmi) the Incarnation of Adhokshaja ! (Who can be known only through Agamas), O the Lord of Dwaraka ! and One Who Saved Draupadi, I worship you , accept my sincere salutations.4


Rakshasa-Kshobhitah Sitayaa Shobhito
Dandakaaranya-Bhu-Punyata-Kaaranah |
Lakshmanen-Anvito Vaanarauh Sevito-
Agastya-Sampujito Raaghav Paatu Maam ||5||


O The One ! Who agitated the Rakshasas (as Sri Rama), The One ! Who is adorned by Devi Sita at His side, The One ! Who was the cause of purification of the Land of Dandakaranya, The One ! Who was attended by Lakshman, and served by the Vanaras (Monkeys) , The One ! Who was worshipped by sage Agastya; O Raghava ! I worship you, please Protect Me.5


Keshihaa Kansa-Hrid-Vanshikaa-Vaadakah |
Baal-Gopaalakah Paatu Maam Sarvadaa ||6||


O The One ! Who killed the Ass-demon Dhenuk and Bull-demon Arishtaka who came with Evil intentions, The One Who killed Horse-demon Keshi and took away the life of Kansa, and Who was a Player of beautiful Tunes in Flute, Who showered His anger on Pootna (by killing Her) and Who Played on the bank of river Yamuna, the river born of the Sun god. O Balagopala, I worship you, Please Protect Me Always (by baffling my dangers as You baffled the attacks of the demons).6


Praavridd-Ambhoda-Vat-Prollasad-Vigraham |
Vanyayaa Maalyaa Shobhito -Urahsthalam
Lohita-Angghri-Dvayam Vaarija-Aksham Bhaje ||7||


O the One ! Whose Garments Flashed like the Rise of Lightning in the Sky,
The One ! Whose Handsome Form moved like the Clouds of the Rainy Season, The One ! Whose Chest is Adorned with Vanmala (Garland of Wild Flowers) and The One ! Whose Pair of Feet is Beautiful Reddish and Whose Eyes are Beautiful like Lotus, I worship you , and salute you reverentially.7


Kunchitaih Kuntalair-Bhraajamaana-Ananam
Ratna-Maulim Lasat-Kundalam Gannddayoh |
Haar-Keyurakam Kankan-Projjvalam
Kinkini-Manjulam Shyaamalam Tam Bhaje ||8||


O The One! Whose Shining Face is Adorned with Beautiful Locks of Curly Hairs, The One ! Whose Head is Adorned with Shining Gem, The one ! Whose Face is Adorned with Shining Ear-Rings, The One! Whose Arms and Waist are Adorned with Shining Bracelets, The One ! Whose Dark Body is Adorned with Tiny Bells making Pleasing Sounds. I worship you please take me in your shelter.8


Achyutasyashtakam Yah Patthed-Ishtta-Dam
Prematah Pratyaham Poorushah Sashpraham |
Vrittatah Sundaram Kartra-Vishvambharas-Tasya
Vashyo Harirjaayate Satvaram ||9||


Whoever Recites this Acyutashtakam, which is the Giver of Ishta (Chosen Desire or nearness to Chosen Deity) , which Beautifully Encircles the All-Sustaining Being (with His various Names and Qualities) with Devotion, Everyday and with Longing for the Purusha (the Supreme Being),(That Person) by the Will of Hari, will Quickly reach the Abode of Hari.9




Achyutashtakam Hindi Lyrics with Meaning





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