Benefits of Radhe Krishna mahamantra

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Benefits of Radhe Krishna mahamantra


Radhe Krishna Radhe Krishna, Krishna Krishna Radhe Radhe

Radhe Shyam Radhe Shyam, Shyam Shyam Radhe Radhe


*This mantra brings love & joy in the life of the native.

*Getting rid of negative, unproductive thoughts,fear & anxiety.

*Enhanced peace of mind, impulse control & decision- making ability.

*Removal of confusion,dilemma and depression.

*Devotional feelings for Shree Radha Krishna,when chanting the name with firm faith that they are present in the name along with visualization (Roopdhyan) of their form.



*Kirtan itself is a form of sacrifice or Yagya to the Lord offered with the love of one’s heart.

*This mantra ensures eternal love between two people.It is believed to remove all obstacles from the path of love and unite lovers. It also ensures love & commitment between couples.

*It makes one more charismatic and elegant.

*Bestows one with beauty and magnetic appearance that can attract anyone and everyone.

*Helps to beget a good husband and expedites marriage.

*It ensures conjugal bliss and domestic harmony.

*This mantra also bestows one with blessings of infinite love.



*Rhythmic singing and chanting of the maha mantra help us connect to this ultimate infinite source of energy, happiness, and divine bliss.

*Enhanced divine & spiritual energy calms the mind, helps us to get rid of toxic thoughts which in turn leaves the mind calm, peaceful,content & in control.

*In today’s world of quick-fix solutions,the virtue of self-control is becoming a rare.Lack of self-control has overcome all areas of our lives with the potential to adversely impact our physical,mental & spiritual well- being.With this Mantra chanting you can regain your self control.

*Chanting the mantra restores the positive energy needed to succeed in all aspects of our lives.

*Mindful chanting of the maha mantra in this age of Kali full of uncertainties,purifies the mind by dispelling negative energy.



*This in turn paves the way for optimal mental health i.e centered around joy,peace & happiness as well as physical wellbeing.

*Increases Self confidence

*Keeps you Motivated & inspired

*Helps you finding your life path & life purpose.

*Discloses your soul purpose & leads you to self realisation.

*It creates a positive aura around you







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